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Slacker Cast and Crew

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Richard Linklater - Should Have Stayed at Bus Station
Rudy Basquez - Taxi Driver
Jean Caggeine - Roadkill
Jan Hockey - Jogger
Stephan Hockey - Running Late
Mark James - Hit-and-Run Son
Samuel Dietert - Grocery Grabber of Death's Bounty
Bob Boyd - Officer Bozzio
Terrence Kirk - Officer Love
Keith McCormack - Street Musician
Jennifer Schaudies - Walking to Coffee Shop
Dan Kratochvil - Espresso Czar / Masonic Malcontent
Maris Strautmanis - Giant Cappuccino
Brecht Andersch - Dostoyevsky Wannabe
Tommy Pallotta - Looking for Missing Friend (as Tom Pallotta)
Jerry Deloney - Been on the Moon Since the 50's (as Jerry Deloney)
Heather West - Tura Satana Look-Alike
John Spath - Co-op Guy
Ron Marks - Bush Basher
Daniel Dugan - Comb Game Player
Brian Crockett - Sadistic Comb Game Player
Scott Marcus - Ultimate Loser
Stella Weir - Stephanie from Dallas
Teresa Taylor - Pap Smear Pusher
Mark Harris - T-shirt Terrorist
Greg Wilson - Anti-Traveller
Debbie Pastor - Wants to Leave Country (as Debbie Pastor)
Gina Lalli - Sidewalk Psychic
Sharon Roos - Devoted Follower
Frank Orrall - Happy-Go-Lucky Guy
Skip Fulton - Two for One Special
Abra Moore - Has Change
Lori Capp - Traumatized Yacht Owner
Gus Vayas - Cranky Cook
Louis Black - Paranoid Paper Reader
Don Stroud - Recluse in Bathrobe
Janelle Coolich - Shut-in Girlfriend
Aleister Barron - Peeping Kid
Albans Benchoff - Coke Machine Robber
Nigel Benchoff - Budding Capitalist Youth
Kevin Whitley - Jilted Boyfriend
Steven W Anderson - Guy Who Tosses Typewriter
Robert Pierson - Based on Authoritative Sources
Sarah Harmon - Has Faith in Groups
John Slate - Conspiracy A-Go-Go' Author
Scott Van Horn - Nova
Lee Daniel - GTO
Charles Gunning - Hitchhiker Awaiting 'True Call'
Tamsy Ringler - Video Interviewer
Luke Savisky - Video Cameraman
Meg Brennan - Sitting at Cafe
Phillip Hostak - Hit Up for Cigarettes
D Angus MacDonald - Video Playing Store Security
Shelly Kristaponis - Shoplifter
Louis Mackey - Old Anarchist
Kathy McCarty - Anarchist's Daughter
Michael Laird - Burglar
Clark Lee Walker - Cadillac Crook
Kalman Spellitich - Video Backpacker
Scott Rhodes - Disguntled Grad Student
D Montgomery - Having a Breakthrough Day
Mimi Vitetta - Teacup Sculpter
Susannah Simone - Working on Same Painting
Bruce Hughes - Card Playing Waiter
Keith Fletcher - Cafe Card Player #1
Eric Buehlman - Cafe Card Player #2
R Malice - Scooby Doo Philosopher
Mark Quirk - Papa Smurf
Kim Krizan - Questions Happiness
Annick Souhami - Has Conquered Fear of Rejection
Regina Garza - Smoking Writer
Stephen Jacobson - S-T-E-V-E with a Van
Eric Lord - Doorman at Club
Kelly Linn - Bike Rider with Nice Shoes
Rachel Reinhardt - Cousin from Greece
Stewart Bennett - Sitting on Ledge
Nick Maffei - Pixl-Visionary
Nolan Morrison - To Be Buried by History
Kyle Rosenblad - Going to Catch a Show
Ed Hall - Band Playing at Club
Lucinda Scott - Dairy Queen Photographer
Marianne Hyatt - Late Night Pick-Up
Gary Price - Watching Early Morning TV
Joseph E Jones - Old Man Recording Thoughts
Kendall Smith - Post-Modern Paul Revere
Sean Coffey - Super 8 Cameraman
Patrice Sullivan - Day Tripper
Jennifer Carroll - All-Night Partier
Charlotte Norris - Convertible Driver
Greg Ward - Tosses Camera Off Cliff
Kevin Thompson - Handstamping Arm Licker
Richard Linklater
Richard Linklater
Richard Linklater