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The Sixth Sense Cast and Crew

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Bruce Willis - Malcolm Crowe
Haley Joel Osment - Cole Sear
Toni Collette - Lynn Sear
Olivia Williams - Anna Crowe
Trevor Morgan - Tommy Tammisimo
Donnie Wahlberg - Vincent Gray
Peter Tambakis - Darren
Jeffrey Zubernis - Bobby
Bruce Norris - Stanley Cunningham
Glenn Fitzgerald - Sean
Greg Wood - Mr Collins
Mischa Barton - Kyra Collins
Angelica Torn - Mrs Collins
Lisa Summerour - Bridesmaid
Firdous Bamji - Young Man Buying Ring
Samia Shoaib - Young Woman Buying Ring
Hayden Saunier - Darren's Mom
Janis Dardaris - Kitchen Woman
Neill Hartley - Visitor No 2
Sarah Ripard - Visitor No 3
Heidi Fischer - Visitor No 4
KaDee Strickland - Visitor No 5
Michael J Lyons - Visitor No 6
Samantha Fitzpatrick - Kyra's Sister
Holly Rudkin - Society Lady No 1
Kate Kearney Patch - Society Lady No 2
Marilyn Shanok - Woman at Accident
M. Night Shyamalan - Dr Hill
Wes Heywood - Commercial Narrator
Nico Woulard - Hanged Child
Carol Nielson - Hanged Female
Keith Woulard - Hanged Male
Jodi Dawson - Burnt Teacher
Tony Donnelly - Gunshot Boy
Ronnie Lea - Secretary
Carlos X Lopez - Spanish Ghost on Tape
Gino Inverso - Young Vincent
Ellen Sheppard - Mrs Sloan
Tom McLaughlin - Anna's Father
Candy Aston Dennis - Anna's Mother
Patrick F McDade - Shaken Driver
Jose L Rodriguez - Husband
M. Night Shyamalan
Andrew Mondshein
Frank Marshall
Kathleen Kennedy
Barry Mendel
Samuel L. Mercer
M. Night Shyamalan