Shrek Forever After Videos

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Now Playing: Steve Carell's kids starstruck by his co-star Shrek Forever After (What Happened to You?) [FULL HD]
2010-04-22 Shrek Forever After - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-01 Shrek Forever After - Cast and Crew Interview
2012-03-06 Shrek: Forever After - Puss In Boots Featurette
2012-03-06 Zamm Top 10 of 2010 Movie Review
2011-07-03 Unscripted With The Shrek Forever After Cast
2011-06-22 Slime rules at the Kids' Choice Awards
2011-04-04 Stars get slimed at Kids' Choice Awards
2011-04-04 Shrek Forever After
2010-03-17 Steve Carell's kids starstruck by his co-star
2010-10-17 Shrek Forever After - Clip - Deal Of A Lifetime
2010-06-30 Shrek Forever After - Clip - Gingy Gets Eaten
2010-06-30 Shrek Forever After - Inside Info - Here Kitty Kitty
2010-06-30 "Toy Story 3"tops Adam and Tom.
2010-06-27 "Toy Story 3"tops box office
2010-06-20 "The Karate Kid"scores a knockout at the box office.
2010-06-13 Shrek Forever After (Behind the Scenes Rumpelstiltskin) [FULL HD]
2010-05-25 Shrek Forever After (Clip) [FULL HD]
2010-05-22 Shrek gets Hollywood star
2010-05-20 Talk of the Town: Lohan gets warrant
2010-05-20 The week's best entertainment news
2010-05-20 Shrek Forever After Movie Premiere
2010-05-18 Stars turn out for Shrek premiere
2010-05-17 Talk of the Town: Sabbath's Dio dead
2010-05-17 Cruise, Jolie, Roberts highlight summer films
2010-05-05 Shrek Forever After Movie Trailer 2 [FULL HD]
2010-05-04 Goodbye Shrek, Hello Tribeca.
2010-04-22 Shrek gets send-off at NY premiere
2010-04-22 De Niro discusses Tribeca Festival
2010-04-14 Talk of the Town: Shrek to open Tribeca

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