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Shrek Forever After Cast and Crew

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Mike Myers - Shrek
Eddie Murphy - Donkey
Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona
Antonio Banderas - Puss In Boots
Julie Andrews - Queen
John Cleese - King
Jon Hamm - Brogan
Jane Lynch - Gretched
Craig Robinson - Cookie
Lake Bell - Patrol Witch, Wagon Witch #2
Kathy Griffin - Dancing Witch, Wagon Witch #1
Mary Kay Place - Guard Witch
Kristen Schaal - Pumpkin Witch, Palace Witch
Meredith Vieira - Broomsy Witch
Ryan Seacrest - Father Of Butter Pants
Cody Cameron - Pinocchio, Three Pigs
Larry King - Doris
Regis Philbin - Mabel
Christopher Knights - Blind Mice
Conrad Vernon - Gingerbread Man
Aron J. Warner - Wolf
Jasper Johannes Andrews - Ogre Baby
Ollie Mitchell - Ogre Baby
Miles Christopher Bakshi - Ogre Baby,Village Kid
Walt Dohrn - Priest,Krekraw Ogre
Billie Hayes - Crackling Witch
Jeremy Hollingworth - Village Fan# 1
Brian Hopkins - Villager Fan # 3,Ogre Gnimrach
Chris Miller - Royal Messenger,Magic Mirror,Geppetto
Mike Mitchell - Tour Guide / Camp Ogre / Ogre Naysayer / Baba Witch / Melty Witch / Witch Guard #2 / Butter Pants
James Ryan - Village Fan#2
Liinda Garisto
DJ Guthrie
Michael Peter Riccio
Oskar Rodriguez
Mike Mitchell
Gina Shay
Teresa Cheng
Aron J. Warner
Andrew Adamson
John H. Williams
Patty Kaku
Josh Klausner
Darren Lemke
Stephanie Powers
William Steig