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Shrek 2 Cast and Crew

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Mike Myers - Voice of Shrek
Eddie Murphy - Voice of Donkey
Cameron Diaz - Voice of Princess Fiona
Julie Andrews - Voice of Queen
Antonio Banderas - Voice of Puss In Boots
John Cleese - Voice of King
Rupert Everett - Voice of Prince Charming
Jennifer Saunders - Voice of Fairy Godmother
Larry King - Voice of Ugly Stepsister
Simon Cowell - Voice of Himself
Chris Miller - Magic Mirror/Humphries
Cody Cameron - Voice of Pinocchio
Aron J. Warner - Voice of Wolf
Kelly Asbury - Voice of Nobleman's Son
Conrad Vernon - Voice of Cedric
Christopher Knights - Voice of Blind Mouse
David P Smith - Voice of Man with Box
Mark Moseley - Voice of Dresser
Kelly Cooney - Voice of Fast Food Clerk
wendy bilanski - Voice of Bar Frog
Guillaume Aretos - Voice of Receptionist
Latifa Ouaou - Voice of Jill
Alina Phelan - Voice of Generic Female #2
Erika Thomas - Voice of Maiden #2
Joan Rivers - Voice of Joan Rivers
Andrew Adamson - Voice of Captain of the Guards
Andrew Adamson
Kelly Asbury
Conrad Vernon
Aron J. Warner
John H. Williams
David Lipman
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Joe Stillman
David Stem
David N Weiss
Cody Cameron
Walt Dohrn
Chris Miller
David P Smith
Conrad Vernon
Andrew Adamson
William Steig