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Release Date: March 15, 2002Running Time: 95 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG 13Box Office: $37,948,765.00
Genre: Action, Comedy


Robert De Niro

Eddie Murphy

Rene Russo

William Shatner

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All that no-nonsense LAPD detective Mitch Preston asks is that he be left alone to do his job. Patrol Officer Trey Sellars is a different story. Instead of being a cop, he would much rather play one on TV. One night Trey stumbles into an undercover operation in progress, blowing Mitch's chance of nailing a drug dealer. At the same time, a television news crew barges in on the action. In frustration, Mitch fires a shot at the camera, which lands his photo on the front page of every newspaper and earns him an official reprimand. Knowing a sure ratings draw when she sees one, network television producer Chase Renzi swoops in and sells the Chief of Police on the PR benefits of letting her crew f... Full Summary >>