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Shocker Cast and Crew

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Mitch Pileggi - Horace Pinker
John Tesh - TV Newscaster
Heather Langenkamp - Victim
Peter Berg - Jonathan Parker
Jessica Craven - Counterperson
Cami Cooper - Alison
Richard Brooks - Rhino
Sam Scarber - Cooper
Ted Raimi - Pac Man
Keith Anthony Lubow-Bellamy - Football Player
Virginia Morris - Diane
Emily Samuel - Sally
Michael Murphy - Lieutenant Don Parker
Peter Tilden - Reporter
Bingham Ray - Bartender
Sue Ann Harris - Waitress
Eugene Chadbourne - Man in Bar
Jack Hoar - Sergeant
Stephen Held - Rookie
Richard J Gasparian - 1st Cop
Joyce Guy - 2nd Cop
Joseph Roy O'Flynn - 2nd Priest
Linda Kaye - Woman at Stairs
Vincent Guastaferro - Pastori
Janne K Peters - Doctor
Bruce Wagner - Executioner
Marvin Elkins - 1st Guard
Chris Kriesa - 2nd Guard
Bobby Lee Swain - 1st Priest
Michael Matthews - Evil Mouth
Ricardo Gutierrez - Guard Sergeant
Ernie Lively - Warden
John Mueller - Fireman
Jonathan Craven - Jogger
Lindsay Parker - Little Girl
Dendrie Taylor - Young Mother
Kane Roberts - Road Worker
Stephen R Hudis - Officer Robinson
Gary Michael Davies - Cameraman
Christopher Keyes - Bruno
Timothy Leary - TV Evangelist
Marji Martin - Woman Couch Potato
Ray Bickel - Man Couch Potato
Mark Slama - Kid With Crow Bar
Karl Vincent - Kid With Mask
Wes Craven - Man Neighbor
Holly Kaplan - Woman Neighbor
Wes Craven
Marianne Maddalena
Barin Kumar
Shep Gordon
Wes Craven
Peter Foster
Robert E. Engelman
Warren Chadwick
Wes Craven