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31 Days Of Horror Week 4: 'The Sentinel,' 'Night of the Living Dead,' & More

10/30/2009 11:30am EDT
31 Days Of Horror Week 4
With Halloween just a day away, Starpulse writer Kris King is reaching the final stages of his horror movie marathon. This week Kris gets cozy with a Good Guy doll with a "Child's Play" double feature, stands guard at the gates of Hell

in "The Sentinel," and fights off a mental assault from Nazi Alien Grasshoppers in "Quatermass and the Pit."

October 22 - The Sentinel (1977)

There are a staggering amount of famous people in "The Sentinel," and nary a one of them has a major role. When starting the movie, seeing Beverly D'Angelo impulsively masturbate towards the camera was probably the...

Starpulse's ' Hot 100' Girl Of The Week: Eva Longoria

7/13/2007 12:30pm EDT
Eva Longoria
No Stranger to the pages of Maxim, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is this week's 'Maxim Hot 100' girl! Sure, the pint-sized hottie just got hitched to the World Champion San Antonio Spurs' guard Tony Parker, but that doesn't mean we can't look! Head on over to Maxim's Eva Longoria page to check her out!

Eva graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (the study of human movement) from Texas A&M's Kinsville satellite, but instead chose to show off her talents by heading off to Hollywood, where her career began with a small spot on Beverly Hills 90210. From there it was ...

New Movies on DVD, August 29

8/29/2006 8:00am EDT
The Sentinel
A man who has devoted himself to serving the leader of the free world is accused of plotting against him in The Sentinel, starring Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, and Eva Longoria. Also on DVD: Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas, Friends With Money starring Jennifer Aniston and Akeelah & the Bee with Laurence Fishburne.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Can't Cook

4/24/2006 9:46am EDT
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas claims wife Catherine Zeta-Jones is a disaster in the kitchen. The actor joked on TV this week that Catherine's latest film role, in which she plays a chef, could turn out to be a challenge for the Oscar-winning beauty.

The Hollywood heavyweight told US chat show The View: "She's filming a movie at the moment in New York, It's probably her greatest performance ever because she's playing a chef and she can't boil water."

Catherine, 36, reportedly spent a week in a top New York restaurant to research the role, but it appears to have left no impression on her husband....

New In Theaters This Weekend: 'American Dreamz'

4/21/2006 9:00am EDT
American Dreamz
In American Dreamz, The President of the United States (Dennis Quaid) seems to be having a nervous breakdown after picking up a newspaper for the first time in four years, and when his Chief of Staff (Willem Dafoe) determines to get the Commander in Chief out of his pajamas and back into the spotlight, the stage is set for a talent contest that the nation will never forget.

With concern about the President's mental health soon taking precedence over all other issues in the White House, his nervous Chief of Staff attempts to get the Commander in Chief back in the public eye by booking ...

Opens April 21: The Sentinel

4/19/2006 3:20pm EDT
The Sentinel
A man who has devoted himself to serving the leader of the free world is accused of plotting against him in this thriller. Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas) is a veteran Secret Service agent who has had a long and distinguished career helping protect the president of the United States. David Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland) is a fellow Secret Service agent who learned most of what he knows from Garrison and holds him in great respect.

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Cast and Crew

Michael Douglas - (Pete Garrison)

Kiefer Sutherland - (David Breckinridge)

Eva Longoria - (Jill Maren)...