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Screwed Cast and Crew

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Norm MacDonald - Willard Fillmore
Danny DeVito - Grover Cleaver
Dave Chappelle - Rusty P Hayes
Elaine Stritch - Miss Crock
Daniel Benzali - Detective Tom Dewey
Sherman Hemsley - Chip Oswald
Sarah Silverman - Hillary
Malcolm Stewart - Roger
Lochlyn Munro - Officer Richardsen
Brent Chapman - One of the Danes
Brian Jensen - One of the Danes
Shawn MacDonald - One of the Danes
Kelly Fiddick - One of the Danes
Helena Yea
Lorenzo Campbell - Tito
Damon Thornton - Tito's Henchman
Lorena Gale - Angry Momma
Sue Astley - Morgue Operator
Mark Acheson - Mr Kettle
Joanna Piros - National Anchor Woman
Samantha Ferris - Local Anchorwoman
Brian Arnold - News Anchorman
Ted Friend - News Reporter
Claire Riley - News Reporter
April Telek - News Reporter
Lois Dellar - Policewoman
Ken Kirzinger - Cop
Charles Andre - Cop
Camille Sullivan - Flower Shop Clerk
D Harlan Cutshall - Sharp Shooter
Ben Derrick - Cop at Pile Up
Ann Warn Pegg - Meter Maid
Brent Butt - Buddy
Anthony Harrison - Buddy
Robert Moloney - Vice President
Lloyd Berry - Willard's Uncle
Dee Jay Jackson - Garbage Man
Tygh Runyan - Cussing Guy
Georgina Hegedos - Russian Lady
Khaira Le - Ticket Agent
Laurie Bekker - Chicken Girl
Martin Amado - Chicken Shack Worker
Irene Miscisco - Lady in Beauty Shop
Tom Heaton - Morgue Janitor
Tony Morelli - ND Cop
Jim R Dunn - ND Cop
Scott Alexander
Larry Karaszewski
Robert Simonds
Brad Grey
Ray Reo
Fitch Cady
Julia Dray
Larry Karaszewski
Scott Alexander