Scream Cast and Crew

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Drew Barrymore - Casey
David Arquette - Dewey
Neve Campbell - Sidney
Skeet Ulrich - Billy
Lawrence Hecht - Mr Prescott
Linda Blair - Obnoxious Reporter
Courteney Cox - Gale Weathers
Rose McGowan - Tatum
Henry Winkler - Principal Himbry
Matthew Lillard - Stuart
Jamie Kennedy - Randy
Liev Schreiber - Cotton Weary
Roger Jackson - Phone Voice
Kevin Patrick Walls - Casey's Father
Carla Hatley - Casey's Mother
W. Earl Brown - Kenny
Lois Saunders - Mrs Tate
Joseph Whipp - Sheriff Burke
Lisa Beach - Reporter No 1
Tony Kilbert - Reporter No 2
C W Morgan - Hank Loomis
Frances Lee McCain - Mrs Riley
Troy Bishop - Ghost Teen No 1
Ryan Kennedy - Ghost Teen No 2
Leonora Scelfo - Cheerleader in Bathroom
Nancy Ann Ridder - Girl in Bathroom
Lisa Canning - Mask Reporter
Bonnie Wood - Young Girl
Lucille Bliss - Check-Out Lady
Aurora Draper - Party Teen No 1
Kenny Kwong - Party Teen No 2
Justin Sullivan - Teen on Couch
Kurtis Bedford - Bored Teen
Angela Miller - Girl on Couch
Wes Craven
Cary Woods
Cathy Konrad
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Marianne Maddalena
Dixie J Capp
Stuart Besser
Nicholas C Mastandrea
Kevin Williamson

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