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Carmen Electra's Little Beige Dress - Hot Or Not?

6/13/2010 12:13pm EDT
Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra showed up for Logo's Third Annual "NewNowNext Awards" in Los Angeles yesterday looking beautiful in beige.

The "Scary Movie" actress will star in the upcoming TV movie "Back Nine" about a past-his-prime professional golfer who plays small time tourneys to re-qualify for the PGA. She will also appear in the big-screen film "Mardi Gras" in which a group of college buddies sow their wild oats in New Orleans.

Sounds like she's getting offered some great roles. Time to fire your agent, Carmen.

Fun facts:
-Carmen was raised in Ohio and wanted to become a singer. She did make it ...

Opening October 3: An American Carol

9/30/2008 12:18pm EDT
An American Carol
Ebenezer Scrooge gets the parody treatment from veteran writer/director David Zucker (Airplane!, Scary Movie 4) with this comedy starring Kevin Farley... Continue summary

Unimaginable Strength, Unbelievable Speed & Uncomfortable Spandex

7/1/2008 6:00pm EDT
Superhero Movie
Stripping the spandex trade down to its skivvies, Superhero Movie exposes the hilarity of the comic book genre when an Extended Version of the film arrives on DVD on July 8th from Genius Products and The Weinstein Company.

Following the uproarious misadventures of a high school student after he's been bitten by a mutated dragonfly, Superhero Movie spoofs, satirizes and skewers the conventions of fanboy cinema, taking time along the way to poke fun at some of the juggernauts of the genre - from the X-Men and Batman to Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.

Masters of comedy Craig M...

Opening March 28: Superhero Movie

3/25/2008 3:12pm EDT
Superhero Movie
After spoofing disaster films in Airplane!, police shows in The Naked Gun, and Hollywood horrors in Scary Movie 3 and 4, producer David Zucker sets his satirical sights on the superhero genre with this anarchic comedy lampooning everything from Spider-Man to X-Men and Superman Returns. Shortly after being bitten by a genetically altered dragonfly... Contiinue Summary

Cast and Crew / Trailer / More

Lip Surgery Gone Too Far? Star Magazine Thinks Two Celebs Have Gone To Extremes

7/25/2007 10:44am EDT
Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna is not stranger to trout pout - in fact, some might even call her the poster girl for pillowy puckers! But the actress and mom of two, 44, who’s currently starring on Broadway in Chicago with hubby Harry Hamlin, looks like she’s gone too far this time around, according to Star magazine.

“She looks like a fish now- or like a duck,” says New York-based plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg, MD.. He thinks Rinna has just plumped up her pucker with the injectable filler Restylane. “Her lips look a little swollen, but swelling should only last about 24 to 48 hours.” Dr. Greenberg...

Carmen Electra Swears She's Not Addicted To Sex

4/20/2006 9:22am EDT
Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra insists she is not a sex addict. The Scary Movie 4 star, who is married to rocker Dave Navarro, has disappointed her legions of male fans by claiming she isn't obsessed by wild bedroom antics and most of the time just wants to do "normal" stuff.

She said: "It's not true that we are crazy sex addicts. I'm not saying I don 't like sex, but we do like normal stuff too. I think people believe I live in lingerie and high heels."

Earlier this month, it was revealed Carmen could lose a lucrative cosmetics contract - after 'riding' a sex machine on a live radio show.

Moviegoers Flocked To 'Scary Movie 4' This Weekend

4/17/2006 9:42am EDT
Scary Movie 4
The fourth installment of the Scary Movie franchise has climbed to the top of the box office with $41 million in ticket sales, setting a new record for the Easter weekend. The film marks the first number-one hit for the new company founded by former Miramax bosses Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

After the success of "Scary Movie 4," Bob Weinstein reveals he hopes to have a fifth film in the horror-spoof franchise in theaters over Easter weekend next year.

Animated blockbuster Ice Age: The Meltdown slips into second place in its third week of release taking $20 million and upping its 1...

Carmen Electra Could Lose Contract Over Howard Stern Antics

4/11/2006 9:47am EDT
Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra could lose a lucrative cosmetics contract - after 'riding' a sex machine on a live radio show. The former Baywatch babe is in trouble with Max Factor after straddling the gadget on shock jock Howard Stern's show, and claiming she could have had an orgasm from its vibrations. However, Carmen's antics did not impress bosses at the make-up giant, who previously issued her with a strict set of rules regarding her behavior.

The actress, who is married to rocker Dave Navarro, is shocked at the company's reaction. She said: "I thought I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't do any...

Additional 'Scary Movie 4' Cast Members Announced

11/15/2005 10:50am EST
Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra, Leslie Nielsen and Simon Rex are all on board for Dimension Films’ Scary Movie 4. The film will spoof horror and superhero movies.

Electra, who appeared in the first Scary Movie (2000), will play a new role in a plotline that parodies The Village. Nielsen and Rex will reprise their roles from Scary Movie 3. The film also features previously announced cast members Anna Faris and Regina Hall.

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