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Save the Date Cast and Crew

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Lizzy Caplan - Sarah
Alison Brie - Beth
Martin Starr - Andrew
Geoffrey Arend - Kevin
Mark Webber - Jonathan
Melonie Diaz - Isabelle
Timothy Busfield - Benjie
Jessica Morris - Girl In Bar
Robin Riker - Aunt Mary
Elizabeth Ho - Bridal Saleswoman
Gigi Bermingham - Mom
Grant Whitney Harvey - Trevor
Devin Barry - Soul Patch
Jacob Womack - Jonathan's Friend
Ray Conchado - Steppenwolf
Lauren Nash - Cute Wolfbird Fan
Kristin Slaysman - Michelle
Kristin Riley - Checkout Girl
Rich Cooper - Rabbi
Carlease Burke - Receptionist
Meredith Donahue - Beth's Friend
Rocki DuCharme - Beth's Friend
Micki Grover - Beth's Friend
Jennell Mundorf - Beth's Friend
Kelly Brown - Bookstore Customer
Lucas Durham - Bookstore Customer
Yvonne Fleming - Bookstore Customer
Emily Habeck - Bookstore Customer
Evan William Miller - Bookstore Customer
Jon Mishner - Bookstore Customer
Max Perry - Bookstore Customer
Malika Williams - Bookstore Customer
Tolland Weems - Bouncer
Rachel Olson - Bridal Shop Customer
Andrea Topper - Bridal Shop Customer
Clémence Du Barré - Bridal Shower Guest
Alexa Freyre - Bridal Shower Guest
Koral Michaels - Bridal Shower Guest
Dellany Towne Peace - Bridal Shower Guest
Jay Chaffin - Couple Getting Married
Emily Chaffin - Couple Getting Married
Kris Benton - Cute Girl
Sommer Branham - Cute Girl
Jenna Johnson - Cute Girl
Alisha Norris - Cute Girl
KC Wright - Cute Girl
Aaron Smith - Doctor
Matthew Benedict - Dude
Mike Danner - Dude
Will Prescott - Dude
Robert Reinhardt - Dude
Andrew Vech - Dude
Brett Ryan Bonowicz - Gallery Goers
Caris Huffine - Gallery Goers
Nicole Serrat - Gallery Goers
Ann Tierney - Gallery Goers
Katherine Siegmeth - Mother Of The Bride
Louise Yount - Old Woman
Sherille Aragon - Post Office Customer
Larry Dechant - Post Office Customer
Nafisa Ford - Post Office Customer
Mikayla Gibson - Post Office Customer
Mitchell Lubin - Post Office Customer
Kunta Mazimba - Post Office Customer
Patrick Morgan - Post Office Customer
Tim Moriarty - Post Office Customer
Katherine Lai Louie - Restaurant Patron
Xiomara Alvarez - Wolfbird Fan
Ade Bamino - Wolfbird Fan
Jeannie Belet - Wolfbird Fan
Brian Carisone - Wolfbird Fan
Mark Cummins - Wolfbird Fan
Joseph Dickerson - Wolfbird Fan
Johanna Factor - Wolfbird Fan
Zack Fox - Wolfbird Fan
Jon Frechette - Wolfbird Fan
Karolyn Gehrio - Wolfbird Fan
Chris Goalark - Wolfbird Fan
Ezequiel Gutierrez - Wolfbird Fan
Alex Iravani - Wolfbird Fan
Diego Kontarovsky - Wolfbird Fan
Virginia Lee - Wolfbird Fan
Matt Quezada - Wolfbird Fan
Zachary Sigelko - Wolfbird Fan
Katie Strunk - Wolfbird Fan
Alex Swaekouski - Wolfbird Fan
Brian Tanaka - Wolfbird Fan
Amanda Weber - Wolfbird Fan
Nasa - Herself
Meghan McCarthy - Not Sarah
Michael Mohan
Jordan Horowitz
Michael Roiff
Michael Huffington
Gary Gilbert
Rachel Berk
Michael Mohan
Egan Reich
Jeffrey Brown