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Rumor Has It Cast and Crew

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Jennifer Aniston - Sarah Huttinger
Mark Ruffalo - Jeff Daly
Shirley MacLaine - Katharine Richelieu
Kevin Costner - Beau Burroughs
Mena Suvari - Annie Huttinger
Jaime Ray Newman - Conference Greeter
Richard Jenkins - Earl Huttinger
Christopher McDonald - Roger McManus
Steve Sandvoss - Scott
Mike Vogel - Blake Burroughs
Rob Lanza - New Years's Eve M.C.
Lisa Vachon - Young Katharine
Trevor Stock - Young Beau
Jennifer Taylor - Jocelyn Richelieu
Marcia Ann Burrs - Pasadena Wife
Lynn Wanlass - Pasadena Wife
Mary Anne McGarry - Pasadena Wife
Maree Cheatham - Party Guest
Gloria Grant - Party Guest
Gregory White - Party Guest
Jake Mailey - Party Guest
Frank Novak - Party Guest
William Kerr - Party Guest
Terrie Snell - Party Guest
Shannon Farnon - Party Guest
Jennifer Wade - Nikki
Erinn Bartlett - Donna
Allyson Bradford - Bridesmaid
Kate McClafferty - Bridesmaid
Googy Gress - Burly Man
Rolando Molina - Mover
Carmela Rappazzo - Party Planner
Erinn Hayes
Christopher J Stapleton - Bartender
George Regas - Pastor
Andy Milder - Conference Attendee
Gabriel Jarret - Conference Attendee
Clyde Kusatsu - Conference Attendee
John Sterling Carter - Conference Attendee
Mike Baldridge - Reporter
Donna Cooper - Reporter
Erin McDonald - Waitress
Paul E Ganus - Co-Pilot
Amos Levkovitch - Magician
Leigh French - Charity Dinner Guest
Charlotte Colavin - Charity Dinner Guest
George Gerdes - Charity Dinner Guest
Lyman Ward - Charity Dinner Guest
Jordan Lund - Charity Dinner Guest
John E Byrd - Doorman
Rob Reiner
Ben Cosgrove
Paula Weinstein
Michael I Rachmil
Jennifer Fox
Bruce Berman
Robert Kirby
Steven Soderbergh
George Clooney
Len Amato
Frank Capra
Ted Griffin