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Row Your Boat

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Running Time: 89 mins.
Genre: Drama, Romance


Jon Bon Jovi

Bai Ling

William Forsythe

Jill Hennessy

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Jamey is trying to start over after spending year sin prison for a crime he didn't commit. The real culprit was his brother Gil, a petty thief and thug-for-hire. Determined to start over right this time, Jamey refuses Gil's help. Eventually he gets a regular job working for the U.S. Census Bureau and soon finds himself knocking on the door of an apartment owned by recent Chinese immigrant Chun Hua and her wealthy husband. Jamey is immediately captivated by Chun Hua, and offers to give her English lessons. The two strike up a friendship. Sensing that she's unhappy with her life in America, Jamey dreams of saving enough money to run away with Chun Hua and her baby. In order to get the necessar... Full Summary >>