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Romeo Must Die Cast and Crew

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Jet Li - Han Sing
Aaliyah - Trish O'Day
Isaiah Washington - Mac
Russell Wong - Kai Sing
D B Woodside - Colin O'Day
DB Woodside - Colin O'Day
Edoardo Ballerini - Vincent Roth
Jon Kit Lee - Po Sing
Anthony Anderson - Maurice
Earl Simmons - Silk
Delroy Lindo - Isaak O'Day
Matthew Harrison - Dave
Terry Chen - Kung
Derek Lowe - Chinese Messenger
Ronin Wong - New Prisoner
Byron Lawson - Head Guard
Kendall Saunders - Colin's Girlfriend
Benz Antoine - Crabman
Keith Dallas - Bouncer
Taayla Markell - Po's Girlfriend
Chang Tseng - Victor Ho
Tong Lung - Overlord
Richard Yee - Overlord
Colin Foo - Overlord
Lance Gibson - Doorman
Grace Park - Asian Dancer
Jennifer Wong - Asian Dancer
Manoj Sood - Cab Driver
Fatima Robinson - Lori
Gaston Howard - One of Maurice's Crew
Clay Fontenot - One Of Maurice's Crew
Ryan Jefferson Lowe - Young Po
Jonross Fong - Young Han
Alonso Oyarzun - Alonso
Samuel Scanlebury - Paperboy
Francois Yip - Motorcycle fighter
Alvin Sanders - Calvin
William S Taylor - Harold
Morgan Reynolds - Morgan
David Kopp - Delivery Man
Aaron Joseph - Kid in Boutique
William MacDonald - Officer
Oliver Svensson-Tan - Gate Guard
Candice McClure - Store Clerk
W J Waters - Hardware Store Clerk
Cesar Abraham - Park Bench Kid
Jerry Grant - Bartender
Tonjha Richardson - Store Clerk
Chic Gibson - Taxi Driver
Jody Vance - Sportscaster
Perry Solkowski - Anchor
Ann Gwathmey - Shopper
Henry O - Ch'u Sing
Kandyse McClure - Store Clerk
Andrzej Bartkowiak
Conrad Palmisano
Lance Peverley
Joel Silver
Jim van Wyck
Dan Cracchiolo
Warren Carr
Mitchell Kapner
Ilyse Reutlinger
Jerrold Brown
Eric Bernt
John Jarrell
Mitchell Kapner