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Release Date: January 01, 1975Running Time: 129 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi


James Caan

John Houseman

Maud Adams

Moses Gunn

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In the year 2018, Jonathan E is a superstar of a sport called Rollerball, which is a combination of rugby, roller derby, hockey and motorcycle racing. Rollerball is a sport run by the Energy Corporation, one of many such conglomerates running the planet in a time when countries and individual governments are obsolete. The corporations provide the population with everything that they need--food, a crime-free environment, mood-altering drugs--as long as they don't rock the boat and don't ask too many questions. When Jonathan, the world's greatest Rollerball player, becomes too popular with the fans, the Energy Corporation, led by the sinister Bartholemew, tries to convince Jonathan to retire. ... Full Summary >>