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The Road Cast and Crew

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Viggo Mortensen - Man
Kodi Smit-McPhee - Boy
Robert Duvall - Old Man
Rob Carliner - Old Man
Guy Pearce - Veteran
Molly Parker - Motherly Woman
Michael K. Williams - Thief
Garret Dillahunt - Gang Member
Charlize Theron - Woman
Bob A Jennings - Bearded Man
Agnes Herrmann - Archer's Woman
Buddy Sosthand - Archer
Kirk Brown - Bearded Face
Jack Erdie - Bearded Man #2
David August Lindauer - Man on Mattress
Gina Preciado - Well Fed Woman
Mary Rawson - Well Fed Woman #2
John Hillcoat
Nick Wechsler
Steve Schwartz
Paula Mae Schwartz
Todd Wagner
Mark Cuban
Marc Butan
Rudd Simmons
Mike Upton
Erik Hodge
Joe Penhall
Cormac McCarthy