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Rise of the Guardians Cast and Crew

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Chris Pine - Jack Frost
Alec Baldwin - North
Jude Law - Pitch
Isla Fisher - Tooth
Hugh Jackman - Bunny
Dakota Goyo - Jamie Bennett
Khamani Griffin - Caleb
Kamil McFadden - Claude
Emily Nordwind - Jamie's Mom/Jack's Mother
Jacob Bertrand - Monty
Olivia Mattingly - Pippa/Jack's Sister
Dominique Grund - Cupcake
Ryan Crego - Burgess Dog Walker
April M Struebing - Burgess Pedestrian #1
Peter Ramsey - Burgess Pedestrian #2
Isabella Blake Thomas - British Girl
Stuart Allan Bertman - British Boy
Rich Dietl - Yeti
Georgie Grieve - Sophie Bennett
Peter A Ramsey
Christina Steinberg
Nancy Bernstein
William Joyce
Guillermo del Toro
Michael Siegel
Tom Jacomb
Cameron Stevning
David Lindsay-Abaire
William Joyce