Reservoir Dogs Cast and Crew

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Harvey Keitel - Mr White/Larry
Tim Roth - Mr Orange/Freddy
Michael Madsen - Mr Blonde/Vic
Christopher Penn - Nice Guy/Eddie
Steve Buscemi - Mr Pink
Lawrence Tierney - Joe Cabot
Randy Brooks - Holdaway
Kirk Baltz - Marvin Nash
Edward Bunker - Mr Blue
Quentin Tarantino - Mr Brown
Rich Turner - 1st Sheriff
David Steen - 2nd Sheriff
Tony Cosmo - 3rd Sheriff
Stephen Polyi - 4th Sheriff
Michael Sottile - Teddy
Robert Ruth - Shot Cop
Linda Kaye - Shocked Woman
Suzanne Celeste Brown - Shot Woman
Lawrence Bender - For Background Radio Play
Steven Wright - of K-Billy DJ
Laurie Latham - For Background Radio Play
Maria Strova - For Background Radio Play
Burr Steers - For Background Radio Play
Craig Hamann - For Background Radio Play
Quentin Tarantino
Lawrence Bender
Richard Gladstein
Ronna Wallace
Monte Hellman
Harvey Keitel
Quentin Tarantino

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