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Hot Legs: 'Vampire Diaries' Star Nina Dobrev At The MuchMusic Awards

6/26/2010 9:31am EDT
Nina Dobrev
If "Vampire Diaries" starlet Nina Dobrev isn't a household name yet, she will be soon. She looked hot on the red carpet at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on Sunday. The short, strapless blue dress with a criss-cross pattern showed off her body in all the right places.

Nina was born in Bulgaria and moved to Canada at the age of two. She first caught audience's attention with a role in the horror musical "Repo! The Genetic Opera" (the film version starred Paris Hilton.)

On the CW vampire show she plays two characters: Elena Gilbert, a human who is caught between two vampire brothers,...

'Repo! The Genetic Opera' Slices Its Way To DVD

1/20/2009 5:30pm EST
Repo! The Genetic Opera
From the producers of the Saw franchise and director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV), based on a screenplay by Darren Smith & Terrance Zdunich from their original stage play, comes the new cult classic Repo! The Genetic Opera. A futuristic tale of horror that modernizes the "rock opera" genre with original music and rich, dark production design, the film features an eclectic cast that includes Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley and Paris Hilton. The blend of Moulin Rouge style with The Rocky Horror Picture Show theatrics results in a unique vi...

New Movies On DVD, Jan. 20

1/20/2009 8:00am EST
Saw V
Jigsaw might be dead, but his traps live on in the fifth Saw entry, Saw V. Also on DVD: Max Payne, Igor, The Express, City of Ember, Henry Poole Is Here, Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Spotlight On Reality Stars Who Want To Be Legitimate Actors...But Fail

12/1/2008 11:45am EST
Paris Hilton
Recent photos snapped on the set of the 2009 Demi Moore/David Duchovny film "The Joneses" features some reality stars. These photos show two very big reality television personalities playing even bigger versions of themselves to match the upgrade in screen size: Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield from Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

"The Joneses" is about a family who moves into a prestigious community only to peddle very specific products. They are an affluent, powerful, popular family, so everyone else wants to follow their lead and "keep up with the Joneses," hence the titl...

Paris Hilton's Tiny Disco Ball Dress: Hot Or Not?

11/11/2008 9:55am EST
Paris Hilton silver dress
Always the hit or miss in the fashion department, Paris Hilton disappointed us at the Las Vegas premiere of her new movie 'Repo! The Genetic Opera.' The heiress wore a short, shimmery silver dress and accessorised with fishnet stockings, fingerless bike gloves, wristbands and lots of eye make-up. For someone with so much money, she ends up looking cheap.

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The Fame Game: Do Stars' Personal Lives Affect Their Earning Power?

11/10/2008 9:42am EST
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
Back in the 1960s news broke of an affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher, which rocked Hollywood and split not only their home but a nation's opinion of America's sweetheart. Taylor was portrayed in the media as the home wrecker who stole Debbie Reynolds husband. Liz was forced to play the bad girl in the media and on screen until her career recovered. It took several years, a near fatal illness and an Oscar win to reestablish Liz as a box office force again in Tinseltown.

Today it seems that the personal lives of stars only enhance their professional careers. With a tabloid...

Sarah Brightman To Release First Ever Christmas CD, 'A Winter Symphony,' Nov. 4

10/18/2008 10:00am EDT
Sarah Brightman
It continues to be a stellar year for soprano Sarah Brightman, who recently captivated the world with her stunning performance at the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 World Olympics. Brightman was chosen as the sole international performer to perform at the Olympic opening ceremony and was given the honor of singing the Olympic theme song, "You and Me," with Chinese star Liu Huan. The song was a highlight of the spectacular opening ceremony, which was broadcast to over five billion viewers. In only 26 hours after the ceremony, "You and Me" was downloaded a staggering 5.7 million times. ...

Paris Hilton Stars In 'The Hottie & The Nottie,' On DVD May 6

4/27/2008 10:00am EDT
The Hottie & The Nottie
Discover why beauty is in the eye of the beholder when Liberation Entertainment and Genius Products present the heartfelt comedy The Hottie & The Nottie on DVD May 6, 2008.

Infamous socialite-turned-musician-turned-actress Paris Hilton (Pledge This, House of Wax and the upcoming Repo!) stars and executive produces this surprisingly sweet tale about a "hottie" with a heart of gold. She is joined by a talented ensemble cast that includes Joel David Moore (Dodgeball and the upcoming James Cameron project Avatar), Christine Lakin (Georgia Rule, "CSI" and "Step by Step") and Johann Urb (1...