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'Cabaret' Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary With A Remastered Blu-ray - Check Out 10 Other Great Movie Musicals

2/2/2013 5:35am EST
Originally a 1966 Broadway musical, the groundbreaking Bob Fosse film "Cabaret" used the decadent and vulgar cabaret as a mirror image of German society sliding toward the Nazis. The intertwining of entertainment with social history marked a new step forward for the movie musical.

Michael York plays a British writer who comes to Berlin in the early 1930s in hopes of becoming a teacher. He makes the acquaintance of flamboyant American entertainer Sally Bowles, played by Liza Minnelli. Sally works at the Kit Kat Klub, a George Grosz-like Berlin cabaret where each night the smirking, androgyn...

Regis Philbin Signs Off Live After 28 Years

11/18/2011 11:28am EST
Regis Philbin | Photo Credits: ABC
In the end, it wasn't just Regis and Kelly, or Regis and Kathie Lee ... it felt more like Regis and everybody. After some 16,000 hours in front of a television camera, Regis Philbin signed off Live! with Regis and Kelly Friday morning.

Ending a 28-year run, the "Farewell Special" began oddly ...

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'Glee' Recap: Bring In The Bieb, Bring Back The Berry

2/16/2011 11:39am EST
The one-two punch of the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day hit the “Glee” gang pretty hard, and this non-holiday themed return is all about launching a ‘Comeback.’

First, welcome back Guidance Counselor and Stamos Wife, Emma Pilsbury. Though she seldom felt compelled to step in and combat the bullying at McKinley, a Sue-icide note from the fallen cheer coach has reminded her of the office full of all-purpose pamphlets she has yet to hand out to students and teachers in need. In a world where depressed faculty members audit extra-curricular activities, that and a bad idea is all it takes to ge...

Zac Efron Tips Vanessa Hudgens During 'Rent ' Striptease

8/10/2010 11:38pm EDT
Zac Efron
Zac Efron showed his support for girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens during her final performance in hit musical "Rent" on Sunday - by cheekily tipping her $20 during a sexy striptease.

The actress starred as 19-year-old Mimi, a troubled HIV-positive stripper, in the three-day Hollywood Bowl production.

But audience members got an unexpected surprise on Sunday when Efron stood up from his front row seat to hand his belle a reward for her hard work during one raunchy dance routine for the song "Out Tonight."

Fans' video footage posted online shows Hudgens reaching out to grab the cash before stuff...

Vanessa Hudgens Is A Drug Addict

8/9/2010 2:00pm EDT
Vanessa Hudgens
No, Vanessa Hudgens isn't a drug addict - she's just playing one in the Hollywood Bowl production of the hit musical "Rent."

Hudgens took on the role of Mimi alongside fellow stars Wayne Brady and Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls.

The musical marked "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris' stage directorial debut and played for three nights.

Vanessa has been furthering herself from her clean-cut Disney image after starring in the "High School Musical" movies and is now looking toward starring in more 'adult' roles. She's set to star in "300" director Zack Snyder's latest...

Nicole Scherzinger In Fuchsia & Fedora - Hot Or Not?

8/2/2010 6:35pm EDT
Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger wore a fuchsia tube top, white jeans and a matching fedora to spicy Red O Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood on Sunday. What do you think of her look?

The Pussycat Dolls singer is currently in Los Angeles rehearsing for her forthcoming role in the musical "Rent."

The musical will be staged at the Hollywood Bowl for three performances on August 6, 7 and 8 and is being directed by "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris.

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Taye Diggs Not Ruling Out Adoption

5/12/2010 8:25am EDT
Taye Diggs
New dad Taye Diggs is considering adopting a child with his actress wife Idina Menzel, after witnessing the physical toll pregnancy took on her body with their first child.

The Rent stars, who married in 2003 after seven years together, welcomed Walker Nathaniel Diggs into the world last September. However, while Diggs wants to give his son siblings, he's not convinced Menzel wants to fall pregnant again - so he's not ruling out adoption as an alternative.

He tells, "I was in the room when my wife gave birth to Walker, and after seeing that and going through the nine months o...

A Look At 'RENT: The Hot Ticket' Release

9/26/2008 10:23am EDT
Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway
Three years after Sony Pictures and Chris Columbus released their disappointing film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning Jonathan Larson's acclaimed Broadway production, RENT, they are calling a do-over. Last night, in limited release, Sony screened RENT: The Hot Ticket, the next in their series of high interest stage shows being filmed and broadcast in select theaters across the country. It is an effort to make certain entertainment (in the past, productions include those of Cirque Du Soleil) more accessible (and affordable), but with RENT, it feels like making amends before saying go...

MTV To Exclusively Premiere New Movie Musical, 'The American Mall,' August 11

6/13/2008 6:30am EDT
The American Mall
Set in the kind of mall that's always been a home away from home for teens everywhere, The American Mall is the story of Ally, a hardworking young woman whose mother has owned a music shop that's been the soul of the mall ever since it opened when Ally was a kid. Ally's singer/songwriter dreams seem to come closer to fruition when she meets Joey, a musician who's moonlighting as a janitor at the mall in order to support his own rock star ambitions. While Joey understands her songs (and heart) like no one else, Ally's happiness and the fate of the music store are threatened when the mall o...

The Cineplexes Are Alive With The Sound Of Music: The Return Of The Movie Musical

5/6/2008 8:30am EDT
On April 22's episode of American Idol, renowned composer and lyricist Andrew Lloyd Weber stood patiently trying to teach a blank-eyed Jason Castro the song, "Memory" from one of history's most popular musicals, "Cats." Smiled the clueless Castro, "I didn't even know a cat was singing it."

Quell'horror! Is this the extent of musical theater knowledge possessed by today's generation? In fairness, Castro is from Texas, not exactly around the corner from Broadway. Perhaps had there been a big-screen version of "Cats," more people under the age of 30 would be hip to the magic and majesty...

Idina Menzel Discusses Her New CD, Wedding Singer Days And More

2/18/2008 1:52pm EST
Idina Menzel
Idina Menzel is best known for her critically lauded roles in Rent and Wicked, but who knew she started out as a wedding singer and fronted rock bands in the bars of Greenwich Village? In this Starpulse Q and A, Idina reminisces about her nights as a teenage entertainer, driving illegally across state lines to perform at Temples and Reception Halls, what it took to channel all of her experiences and influences to make her latest album I Stand, and takes a stab at the age old question, "What is love?"

You worked with Glen Ballard on this album, who's best known for his work on Alanis Mo...

Celebrity Birthdays, January 2

1/2/2008 3:00am EST
Tricia Helfer
Happy Birthday to "Superman Returns" actress Kate Bosworth (1983); Spanish actress Paz Vega (1976), Battlestar Galactica actress Tricia Helfer (1974), "Rent" star Taye Diggs (1972), Calvin Klein model Christy Turlington (1969); character actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. (1967), "Relic Hunter" star Tia Carrere (1967), major league pitcher David Cone (1963), "Beverly Hills 90210" actress Gabrielle Carteris (1961), "King of the Road" singer Roger Miller (1936; d. 1992), and Russian-born author Isaac Asimov (1920; d. 1992).

Idina Menzel's Debut Album, 'I Stand,' To Be Released Jan 29

12/25/2007 9:00am EST
Idina Menzel
Already a star on Broadway, the charismatic Idina Menzel ("Rent," "Wicked") is ready to star on album. To make that happen, she has enlisted the man responsible for launching, or continuing the phenomenal careers of, other recent major female artists. Glen Ballard, best known for Alanis Morissette's 16-times-platinum Jagged Little Pill and who has worked with Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Annie Lennox and Celine Dion, produced and co-wrote all but one of the songs on I Stand with Menzel.

Idina Menzel's Warner Bros. Records debut album, "I Stand" is a powerful collection of exquisite new...

'Sweeney Todd' A Perfect Fit For Burton And Depp's Dark Sensibilities

12/18/2007 8:58am EST
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
''Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street'' is the quintessential Tim Burton movie, even though it springs from somebody else's celebrated mind.

Everything about Stephen Sondheim's revered musical, which provided the inspiration for the film, seems tailor-made for the director's sensibilities. Truly, what other filmmaker could tell the story of a vengeful barber (Johnny Depp) who slits his customers' throats and the lovesick baker (Helena Bonham Carter) who grinds up the dead bodies for her meat pies?

It's strangely beautiful and beautifully strange, with horrific subject m...

Margaret Cho's Creative Resurgence Spawns New Movie, Tour, TV Shows And A Burlesque Revue

4/15/2007 6:00pm EDT
Margaret Cho
Comedian and actress Margaret Cho is happy to be experiencing a creative resurgence. In addition to her busy tour schedule, Cho also maintains an award winning blog, has taken up bellydancing, and recently started hosting her own variety show, The Sensuous Woman. Featuring a stellar lineup of comedians, bellydancers and burlesque superstars, The Sensuous Woman has been playing monthly in Los Angeles and San Francisco and is being developed for an off-broadway run in the fall. Margaret says, "There's a lot of gender swapping and gender play. It's the gayest show you could have with women st...

Celebrity Birthdays, January 2

1/2/2007 3:00am EST
Kate Bosworth
Happy Birthday to "Superman Returns" actress Kate Bosworth (1983); Spanish actress Paz Vega (1976), Battlestar Galactica actress Tricia Helfer (1974), "Rent" star Taye Diggs (1972), Calvin Klein model Christy Turlington (1969); character actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. (1967), "Relic Hunter" star Tia Carrere (1967), major league pitcher David Cone (1963), "Beverly Hills 90210" actress Gabrielle Carteris (1961), "King of the Road" singer Roger Miller (1936; d. 1992), and Russian-born author Isaac Asimov (1920; d. 1992).

Michael Imperioli's Character Hits Hard Times in 'Law & Order'

5/8/2006 1:45pm EDT
Michael Imperioli
The Sopranos star Michael Imperioli reprises his role as Detective Nick Falco on NBC's Law & Order on Wed., May 10. This time the detective, who has an immense passion for making the world safe, is the one feeling the heat when he finds himself under investigation for murder.

"He's in a bit of trouble," said Imperioli. "The last time we saw this character he was going to night school, which he's still doing, but he was married and had kids. In the interim his wife left him and took the kids. He's kind of hit hard times."

In "Hindsight," the tables are turned on Detective Falc...

New Movies on DVD, Feb. 21

2/21/2006 8:00am EST
This week on DVD: The Weather Man, Domino, Rent and North Country. 'The Weather Man' centers on Nicolas Cage as a forecaster who struggles to get a grip on a life that's spinning out of control. 'Domino' is inspired by the life of Domino Harvey, daughter of legendary actor Laurence Harvey and a former model who rejected her privileged Beverly Hills life to become a bounty hunter. 'Rent' tells the story of a group of friends living in East Village New York. 'North Country' centers on Josey Aimes (Charlize Theron), a single mother who winds up working in an iron mine to support her children...

Celebrity Birthdays, January 2

1/2/2006 3:00am EST
Kate Bosworth
Happy Birthday to American actress Kate Bosworth (1983); Spanish actress Paz Vega (1976), Battlestar Galactica actress Tricia Helfer (1974), "Rent" star Taye Diggs (1972), Calvin Klein model Christy Turlington (1969); character actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. (1967), "Relic Hunter" star Tia Carrere (1967), major league pitcher David Cone (1963), "Beverly Hills 90210" actress Gabrielle Carteris (1961), "King of the Road" singer Roger Miller (1936; d. 1992), and Russian-born author Isaac Asimov (1920; d. 1992).

More Awards for 'Brokeback Mountain'

12/20/2005 10:05am EST
Jake Gyllenhaal from Brokeback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain was the big winner at the Satellite Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday, picking up four accolades. Ang Lee picked up Best Director for the film, which was also named Best Motion Picture - Drama, Best Editing and Best Song for "A Love That Will Never Grow Old," at the 10th annual awards, which are organized by the International Press Academy.

Meanwhile, Philip Seymour Hoffman was named Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama for Capote, while Felicity Huffman garnered Best Actress - Motion Picture Drama for Transamerica.

In the Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy catego...

Harry Potter Maintains Top Spot at Box Office

11/28/2005 9:37am EST
Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire once again dominated the box office, taking in over $54 million during the holiday weekend. Walk the Line followed in second place with just under $20 million. The new Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo comedy Yours, Mine & Ours rounded out the top three with $17 million.

Also in the top 10 this weekend:

Chicken Little $12.4 million

Rent $10.7 million

Just Friends $9.2 million

Pride & Prejudice $7 million

Derailed $4.7 million

In the Mix $4.4 million

The Ice Harvest $3.7 million

New Films Hit the Big Screen, Nov. 23

11/23/2005 7:00am EST
Just Friends
Just Friends tells the tale of a likeable guy (Ryan Reynolds) who is rejected by his first true love (Amy Smart), who says she'd rather be "just friends." He winds up moving across the country and transforms into a selfish womanizer. However, he unexpectedly returns to his past persona when he reconnects with the girl who broke his heart. Anna Faris and Chris Klein also star.

Other releases this week:

In The Ice Harvest, Charlie (John Cusack), an attorney for the sleazy businesses of Wichita, and his unsavory associate Vic Cavanaugh (Billy Bob Thornton) have just successfully embe...

Catch Some Behind-the-Scenes Footage From 'Rent'

11/14/2005 12:30pm EST
On Nov. 23, Starz Cinema viewers can get a first look at exclusive footage from Rent, the much-anticipated movie adaptation of the smash Broadway musical. The exclusive content includes behind-the-scenes footage and the world television premiere of a musical number from the movie performed by the cast, many of whom created their roles in the original Broadway production.

The special evening of programming celebrates Columbia Pictures' Nov. 23 nationwide theatrical release of the movie adaptation of Rent. Based on the musical by Jonathan Larson, which was inspired by Puccini's classic ...

"Wicked" Original Cast Recording is a Hit

10/28/2005 2:10pm EDT
Ana Gasteyer
The Original Cast Recording of the smash hit Broadway musical Wicked continues to break records. The cast album, which won a Grammy Award this year, is the best-selling CD in the genre since "Mamma Mia!" and the fastest-selling original cast album since "Rent.” Wicked, produced for Decca Broadway by composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz, is repeatedly on Amazon’s list of best-selling albums, and has struck a chord with audiences of all ages. With the first U.S. national touring company under way and a new second home at Chicago’s Ford Center for the Performing Arts, Oriental Theatre, Wicked ...