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Red Riding Hood Cast and Crew

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Amanda Seyfried - Valerie
Gary Oldman - Solomon
Billy Burke - Cesaire
Shiloh Fernandez - Peter
Max Irons - Henry
Virginia Madsen - Suzette
Lukas Haas - Father Auguste
Julie Christie - Grandmother
Shauna Kain - Roxanne
Adrian Holmes - Captain
Michael Hogan - The Reeve
Cole Heppell - Claude
Christine Willes - Madame Lazar
Michael Shanks - Adrien Lazar
Kacey Rohl - Prudence
Carmen Lavigne - Rose
Don Thompson - Tavern Owner
Matt Ward - Captain's Brother
Megan Charpentier - Young Valerie
D J Greenburg - Young Peter
Jennifer Halley - Marguerite
Alexandria Maillot - Lucie
Archie Rice - Wolf
Bella King - Solomon's Daughter
Olivia Steele Falconer - Solomon's Daughter
Alex Pesusich - Man in Wolf Costume
Jordan Becker - Woodcutter
James Michalopoulos - Solomon's Soldier
Darren Shahlavi - Solomon's Soldier
Dalias Blake - Solomon's Soldier
Michael Adamthwaite - Solomon's Soldier
Lauro Chartrand - Solomon's Soldier
Brad Kelly - Solomon's Soldier
Paul Wu - Solomon's Soldier
Gavin Buhr - Solomon's Soldier
Sammy Smith - Solomon's Soldier
Che Pritchard - Dancer
Kaitlyn McCready - Dancer
Michelle C Smith - Dancer
Sarah Elgart - Dancer
Michael Hogan - The Reeve
Catherine Hardwicke
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jennifer Davisson Killoran
Julie Yorn
Jim Rowe
Michael Ireland
Catherine Hardwicke
Alex Mace
David Leslie Johnson
Wilhelm Grimm
Jacob Grimm