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Red Dragon Cast and Crew

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Anthony Hopkins - Dr Hannibal Lecter
Edward Norton - Will Graham
Ralph Fiennes - Francis Dolarhyde/The Tooth Fairy
Harvey Keitel - Agent Jack Crawford
Emily Watson - Reba McClane
Mary-Louise Parker - Molly Graham
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Freddy Lounds
Anthony Heald - Dr Chilton
Ken Leung - Lloyd Bowman
Frankie Faison - Barney
Tyler Patrick Jones - Josh Graham
Lalo Schifrin - Conductor
Tim Wheater - Flautist
John Rubinstein - Dinner Guest
David Doty - Dinner Guest
Brenda Strong - Dinner Guest
Robert Curtis Brown - Dinner Guest
Mary Anne McGarry - Dinner Guest
Marc Abraham - Dinner Guest
Veronica De Laurentiis - Dinner Guest
Tom Verica - Charles Leeds
Marguerite MacIntyre - Valerie Leeds
Tommy Curtis - Billy Leeds
Jordan Gruber - Sean Leeds
Morgan Gruber - Susie Leeds
Michael Cavanaugh - Forensic Dentist
Madison Mason - Police Commissioner
Bill Duke - Police Chief
Katie Rich - Woman Detective
Cliff Dorfman - Cop
Phil Fahey - Cop
Elizabeth Dennehy - Beverly
Stanley Anderson - Jimmy
Richard Pelzman - Locksmith
Dwier Brown - Mr Jacobi
Grace Stephens - Jacobi Child
Lucy Stephens - Jacobi Child
Kevin Bashor - Jacobi Child
Azura Skye - Bookseller
William Lucking - Byron Metcalf
Andreana Weiner - Dr Bloom's Secretary
Jeanine Jackson - Dr Hassler
Mark Moses - Father in Video
Kyra Helfrich - Child in Video
Alex Berliner - Photographer
Gianni Russo - Newsie
Al Brown - Tattler Guard
Christopher Curry - Mr Fisk
Tanya Newbould - Chromalux Secretary
Edward Nickerson - FBI Agent
Terence Rowley - Superintendent
Frank Bruynbroek - Chef
Hillary Straney - Museum Secretary
Conrad Palmisano - Deputy in Car
Alex D Linz - of Young Dolarhyde
Katie Rich - Woman Detective
Brett Ratner
Dino de Laurentiis
Martha De Laurentiis
Andrew Z. Davis
Ted Tally
Thomas Harris