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10 Everyday Things Alfred Hitchcock Made Us Never Want To Do Again

10/25/2014 10:00am EDT
10 Everyday Things Alfred Hitchcock Made Us Never Want To Do Aga
It’s October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. With this spooky month comes overloading on candy, throwing costume parties, visiting haunted houses and, of course, watching scary movies.

When it comes to horror films, there’s nothing better than hanging with friends and family, shutting off all the lights, curling up on the couch and snuggling with a blanket, while making yourself scared because you’re pretty sure you heard a door creak or that someone is most definitely standing behind you.

Some might be more receptive to modern horror films, but what about a classic thr...

Silent Hitchcock Film Discovered In New Zealand

8/4/2011 11:00am EDT
This will interest any film, history or Alfred Hitchcock buff: A portion of the first film credited to the Master of Suspense has been discovered in a New Zealand archive, 88 years after it was made and long after it was considered lost forever.

Hitchcock didn’t actually direct it, but he is credited on “The White Shadow” as its writer, assistant director, editor and art director. To put it simply, his touch was all over the silent picture.

Directed by Graham Cutts, the film stars Betty Compson as twin sisters – one good, one bad, although it’s probably slightly more complicated than tha...

What Are Your Favorite 'Dog Days Of Summer' Movies?

7/28/2011 1:00pm EDT
Dog Days Of Summer' Movies
With the heat wave simmering across the country, we got to thinking… what are the best movies that describe the “dog days of summer”? What are the movies that tell the best summer stories? What made the biggest impression when you downed the lemonade and chased the ice cream truck? Here are our Top 10.

10. ‘Dirty Dancing’ – 1987

Okay, so this is clearly a guilty pleasure, but how can it not define ‘summer’? Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze create the perfect coming of age story with lots of cute oldies and 80s dance moves. And no one puts Baby in the corner, just so you know.


Another 'Rear Window' Lawsuit For 'Disturbia'

11/1/2010 1:31pm EDT
The makers of Shia LaBeouf's thriller Disturbia are facing a second lawsuit over claims the movie is based on the classic story Rear Window.

A judge recently dismissed a suit which alleged movie bosses stole part of the film's plot from Cornell Woolrich's short story, which was turned into an Oscar-nominated film by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954. And now, just weeks after the copyright infringement suit was wrapped up, the executors of The Sheldon Abend Revocable Trust have filed a new lawsuit in a bid to revive the legal battle.

The trust filed the breach-of-contract claim in Los Angeles Su...

31 Days Of Horror: 'Motel Hell' (1980)

10/27/2010 8:39pm EDT
If there’s a common consensus amongst horror movies it’s that rednecks are complete lunatics out to eat your skin. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ghost story or a slasher flick, if there’s a backwoods hillbilly involved then he probably wants to do something really horrible to someone. Occasionally a director will come along and subvert that expectation a bit, like Eli Roth does at the end of Cabin Fever, but overall the lesson is this: Don’t leave the city, don’t talk to the yokels, and for the love of Christ learn how to change a tire.

I bring this up because today’s movie, Motel Hell, foll...

'Disturbia' Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed

9/22/2010 1:30pm EDT
A judge in the U.S. has dismissed a copyright infringement lawsuit which claimed Shia LaBeouf's 2007 movie Disturbia was based on the famous story of Rear Window.

Lawyers representing the trust of late writer Cornell Woolrich filed legal papers claiming DreamWorks movie bosses stole part of the film's plot from her short story, which was turned into an Oscar-nominated film by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954.

Both stories follow a man who spies on a neighbor from his window and becomes convinced they have committed murder. Legal reps alleged studio heads didn't ask permission to turn the short...

Best Space Movies

6/12/2009 9:53am EDT
The subject of space is a difficult one in terms of selecting films. Qualifying elements are somewhat subjective. Does the film have to take place in space? Must it include aliens? Does a mere reference to space, or different planets, make it a "space" film? In short, is it merely a subgenre of science fiction? Space and science fiction, while not mutually exclusive, can occur without the other.

In celebration of the release of one of the newest and most promising space films, Moon, check out a brief list of our favorite space films. What you will find below is a mix of films t...

Peter Krause Stars In Intense Psychological Thriller, 'Civic Duty'

3/30/2007 5:30pm EDT
Civic Duty
Angry and depressed over losing his job, accountant Terry Allen begins to suspect his new neighbor, a single Islamic grad student with a penchant for unexplained late night activities, is at the center of a terrorist conspiracy. Although both Terry's wife and the FBI agent to whom he reports his suspicions are skeptical about his fears, Terry becomes increasingly obsessed with uncovering the man's true identity. Convinced he's all that stands between this Middle-Eastern stranger and a deadly terror attack, Terry finally decides to take matters into his own hands - with shocking results.


Casablanca Tops List Of 'Movies Film Fans Should Watch'

7/18/2006 9:59am EDT
Casablanca has topped a list of movies all real film fans should watch. The tear-jerking war romance heads a list of classics, drawn up by Radio Times magazine as a 'Film Buff's Guide'. Full List Below!

Despite the list featuring a number of box office flops - including the biggest disaster in cinema history, the 1980 anti-western Heaven's Gate - the author of the list, Radio Times film editor Andrew Collins, has defended his peculiar choice of entries.

He said: "Snobbery does not belong to the film buff." He also pointed out that, to truly reflect on the greatest cinema of all ti...