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The Quest For Camelot Cast and Crew

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Cary Elwes - Garrett
Bryan White - Singing Voice of Garrett
Andrea Corr - Singing Voice of Kayley
Eric Idle - Singing Voice of 'Devon' the Two-Headed Dragon
Celine Dion - Singing Voice of Lady Julianna
Steve Perry - Singing Voice of King Arthur
Al Roker - Additional Voice
Jess Harnell - Additional Voice
Jack Angel - Additional Voice
Joe Baker - Additional Voice
Robert Bergen - Additional Voice
Rodger Bumpass - Additional Voice
Phillip Clarke - Additional Voice
Sheelagh Cullen - Additional Voice
Ken Danziger - Additional Voice
Jennifer Darling - Additional Voice
Fiona Dwyer - Additional Voice
Paul Eiding - Additional Voice
Fionnula Flanagan - Additional Voice
Jean Gilpin - Additional Voice
Sherry Lynn - Additional Voice
Danny Mann - Additional Voice
Mickie McGowan - Additional Voice
Tina Marie Abas - Additional Voice
Paul Ainsley - Additional Voice
Michelle Elkin - Additional Voice
Thomas Guzman-Sanchez - Additional Voice
Michael McClure - Additional Voice
Andrea Paige Wilson - Additional Voice
Barbara Carr - Choreography/Live Action Reference Dancer
John Gregory - Choreography/Live Action Reference Dancer
George Hubela - Choreography/Live Action Reference Dancer
Kimo Keoke - Choreography/Live Action Reference Dancer
Regan Patno - Choreography/Live Action Reference Dancer
Jessalyn Gilsig - of Kayley
Gary Oldman - of Sir Ruber
Don Rickles - of 'Cornwall' the Two-Headed Dragon
Jane Seymour - of Lady Julianna
Pierce Brosnan - of King Arthur
Bronson Pinchot - of Griffin
Jaleel White - of Bladebeak
Gabriel Byrne - of Sir Lionel
John Gielgud - of Merlin
Frank Welker - of Ayden
Sarah Rayne - of Young Kayley
Dalisa Cooper Cohen
Zahra Dowlatabadi
Andre Clavel
Kirk De Micco
William Schifrin
Jacqueline Feather
David Seidler
Bruce M Morris
Viki Anderson
Mark Andrews
Ken W Bruce
Fred Cline
Jun Falkenstein
Stephan Franck
Daan J Jippes
Brian Kindregan
Piet Kroon
Steve Lumley
Wilbert Plijnaar
Fergal Reilly
Harry Sabin
David S Smith
Moroni Taylor
Christine F Blum
Louis S Scarborough
Cynthia Wells
Troy Porter
Bill Higley
Bob Baron
Steve Hellaby
Vince Caro
Vera Chapman