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'Pretty Woman' Is How Old?

3/22/2015 8:45am EDT
pretty woman reunion
The Today show staged an epic reunion of the cast of the beloved 1990's film "Pretty Woman" and the complete cast was brought together for the first time since filming the romantic comedy.

NBC announced the epic sit-down with a tongue-in-cheek press release which stated, "Matt Lauer sits down with actors Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Hector Elizondo, Laura San Giacomo, and director Garry Marshall for the 25th anniversary of the movie," the network said in a news release. "To miss it would be a big mistake. Big. Huge."

Julia Roberts (Vivian Ward) and Richard Gere (Edward Lewis) met up with ...

The Top 10 Greatest Movies From The 90s

2/24/2014 9:00pm EST
The Top 10 Greatest Movies From The 90s
You can't really think of movies of the nineties without mentioning these solid flicks of the decade. The 1994 movie "Forrest Gump" kicks off our list of the best movies from the decade that you cannot do without watching. These movies are the most quotable films of the generation.

The movie gave us the quotes "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" and "Stupid is as stupid does."

This is a timeless classic that really solidified Tom Hanks as an actor who could carry an entire movie with little help. In fact, if you have yet to see "Forrest Gump", the...

'Pretty Woman' Jewelry Box Scene Almost Scrapped

4/25/2012 1:53pm EDT
Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall wanted to play a trick on his hard partying leading lady Julia Roberts, but the onset prank became one of the film's most famous scenes.

The scene featuring Roberts' character reacting with shock when Richard Gere closes a jewelry box on her hand is much loved by fans of the 1990 romantic comedy.

However, Marshall has revealed it was just meant to be little scene for the cast and crew as revenge for Roberts staying out late the night before the shoot.

He tells Entertainment Tonight, "(She was) a kid, so she goes out and parties, and sometimes she p...

Julia Roberts To Be Honored For Her 'Steadfast Devotion' To Hinduism

4/16/2012 5:36pm EDT
Julia Roberts
America's leading Hindus are planning to honor actress Julia Roberts for her "steadfast devotion" to the faith, and for setting a good example to Hollywood stars.

The Pretty Woman star confessed to being a practicing Hindu two years ago after spending time in India while filming Eat, Pray, Love and scholars are impressed she's still serious about her faith.

In a recent interview, she was quoted as saying, "I've received real spiritual satisfaction through Hinduism," and confessed she's a big fan of festivals like Diwali.

The Oscar winner also spoke of returning to India, adding, "I wo...

Richard Gere's Rep Denies 'Pretty Woman' Put Down

3/21/2012 8:42am EDT
Richard Gere
Richard Gere's publicist has lashed out at "false" reports suggesting the actor dismissed his most famous film Pretty Woman as "a silly romantic comedy."

The 1990 box office smash is one of the most successful rom-coms of all time, pulling in over $460 million at the box office, and Gere left fans stunned recently when he allegedly poured scorn on the movie, in which he played a successful businessman opposite Julia Roberts' hooker character, in a recent Australian interview.

According to Aussie magazine Woman's Day, Gere said of the film, "It's my least favorite thing. People ask me abo...

'Supernatural' 7.11 Recap: What About Bobby?

1/7/2012 7:56am EST
“Supernatural’s” winter hellatus (as the fans affectionately call it) gave me a lot of time to hypothesize where the show could go from the last moments of “Death’s Door,” where Bobby seemingly headed into the great beyond: Crowley could appear with the last-minute save like the badass King of Hell he is. Castiel could emerge from the waters of the lake, a fully redeemed angel of the Lord, and heal Bobby’s brain. He could've survived but suffered personality-altering brain damage and anemsia. Sam and Dean could have hunter’s funeral, a body burning on the pyre. It's “Supernatural” afte...

Happy 50th Birthday, Meg Ryan!

11/19/2011 12:00pm EST
Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan might not be the star she once was when she was breaking our hearts in classic romantic comedies like "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sleepless In Seattle," but there's no doubt she deserves her place in Hollywood history.

Nowadays, she's more famous for her private life and her romances than she is for film roles, but she has already amassed some iconic characters including orgasm-faking Sally Albright ("When Harry Met Sally"), Annie Reed ("Sleepless in Seattle"), Alice Green ("When a Man Loves a Woman") and Kathleen Kelly ("You've Got Mail").

Away from the big screen, she's a mom o...

Richard Gere To Receive The Marcus Aurelius Award

9/21/2011 3:35pm EDT
Richard Gere
Richard Gere will be the guest of honor at the 2011 International Rome Film Festival, where he will be honored for his career achievements.

The Pretty Woman star is set to receive the Marcus Aurelius Award at the annual Italian event, where celebrations will include a screening of his 1978 movie Days of Heaven and a discussion with Gere about his work on the film and the early days of his career.

The International Rome Film Festival will run from October 27th to November 4th.

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: Frank's Pretty Woman

9/16/2011 8:50am EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Frank's Pretty Woman
When we last saw the Paddy's gang, they were witnessing the miracle of birth. When we caught up with them last night, they were dumping a dead hooker in the hallway. Ah, the circle of life.

If last season's baby-centric finale left anyone with a slightly sweet feeling, Season 7 quickly veers us back into sour territory, as "Sunny" pulls out all the sick and twisted stops that we've come to expect. Things get rolling when Frank, always striving to prove himself as the most disgusting member of the group, reveals that he has big plans for his hooker girlfriend Roxy (Alanna Ubach): "I'm gon...

Richard Gere's Guitar Collection To Go Under The Hammer

8/18/2011 8:24am EDT
Richard Gere
Richard Gere is selling off his prized guitars in a bid to raise $1 million for humanitarian charities.

The Pretty Woman star has amassed a huge collection over the past 20 years, including several top branded instruments such as Gibson and Fender.

His 110-strong range also includes guitars once owned by blues legend Albert King and Jamaican reggae musician Peter Tosh, but Gere is preparing to part ways with his prized pieces at a Christie's auction in New York in October.

Gere says, "They have been my true friends through the best and worst of times. I never planned to put together a...

Lea Michele Wants Julia Roberts For 'Glee' Cameo

8/3/2011 1:53pm EDT
Lea Michele
Julia Roberts is welcome to a cameo role in Glee - the TV show's leading lady Lea Michele has named the Pretty Woman actress as her dream guest star.

The hit musical series has attracted a slew of superstar guests, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears.

And Michele, who plays talented high school student Rachel Berry, hopes Roberts will be the next famous face to sign up - although she fears she would end up "dumbstruck" if they ever shared a scene.

Michele says, "We may not be able to work together because I would get so dumbstruck. There are a few people that I would get like...

Julia Roberts' Cosmetic Ad Banned In Britain Over Airbrushing

7/27/2011 12:02pm EDT
Julia Roberts
A cosmetics advert featuring Julia Roberts has been banned in the U.K. by officials after a politician complained about the amount of airbrushing used on the image.

The Pretty Woman star appears in a campaign for Teint Miracle foundation by Lancome, which is owned by L'Oreal.

The beauty is seen digitally altered with flawless skin and youthful looks, with bosses claiming the product "recreates the aura of perfect skin."

However, Liberal Democrat MP (Member of Parliament) Jo Swinson complained the commercial gave a "false impression of beauty" due to the amount of airbrushing used to c...

Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet Named Top Movie Couple

3/23/2011 9:15am EDT
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet's doomed relationship in 1997 film Titanic has earned them the title of most romantic onscreen couple of all time.

More than 500,000 people were polled for the ABC TV and People magazine movie rundown, and the stars earned almost a quarter of the votes for their turn in James Cameron's epic.

The romance between Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in 1939 classic Gone with the Wind was rated the second most romantic film pairing, while Richard Gere and Julia Roberts' unlikely coupling in Pretty Woman landed them third in the survey.

Casablanca couple Humphrey B...

'The Bachelor' Recap: Waking Up In Vegas

2/1/2011 1:22pm EST
The Bachelor
Last week, ABC's promo department sparked controversy on 'Bachelor' message boards and drew ire from outraged commentators who were appalled to see Emily on a date at the race track. After all, the sweet single mom had lost her race-car driving fiance in a plane crash less than a week before finding out she was pregnant with his child, and this date seemed specifically designed to exploit her grief. Is "The Bachelor" really that tasteless and insensitive? Um... this isn't exactly a revelation, is it?

Before we get to Emily's inevitable discomfort, let's rewind to the beginning of the episo...

'Bachelor' Recap: Send In The Clowns

1/11/2011 2:13pm EST
THE BACHELOR Episode 1502
We knew Brad’s second outing as ‘The Bachelor’ was bound to become a freak show eventually, but we didn’t think it would happen this quickly – or literally. Right after move-in, Ashley the dentist scores the very first one-on-one date with Brad, and it’s (ta da!) a private carnival, complete with tents that advertise attractions like MIDGET HORSES and DADDY ISSUES.

Since he’s a changed man, the bachelor jumps right into tent #2 for some serious talk about commitment, abandonment, fear, and redemption. The date would be a total downer if not for the teddy bears, ferris wheels and wine. Lu...

Hot Legs: Julia Roberts Promotes 'Eat Pray Love' In San Sebastian, Spain

9/21/2010 12:39pm EDT
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts showed off her lean legs while promoting "Eat Pray Love" at the San Sebastian International Film Festival on Monday.

Julia was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award at the film festival in Spain. Her "Eat Pray Love" co-star Javier Bardem presented her with the Donostia Award last night.

The 42-year-old Oscar winner told the audience she was overwhelmed to receive the prize. She said, "What a fortunate woman I've been in my life for a variety of reasons. If we were having dinner, I'd tell you all of them. But now, I'll just say thank you from the bottom of my heart. And ...

Richard Gere Dislocates Shoulder In Movie Stunt

9/2/2010 8:21am EDT
Richard Gere
Actor Richard Gere is nursing a dislocated shoulder after injuring himself while filming a fight scene for upcoming thriller The Double.

Production on the film, about the murder of a U.S. senator, has been halted for six weeks to allow the Pretty Woman actor time to recover from a stunt which went wrong. Despite his injury, Gere is adamant he wants to continue with the physical scenes instead of relying on a body double, according to his co-star Tamer Hassan.

He tells Britain's Daily Telegraph, "We had been rehearsing for four weeks every night and Richard was great, but he had a proble...

Julia Roberts Welcomed Into Hindu Community

8/11/2010 10:21pm EDT
Julia Roberts
A leading Hindu scholar has offered to school Julia Roberts on the history of the ancient religion after the Hollywood star revealed she has converted to Hinduism.

The "Pretty Woman" actress became captivated by the faith while shooting her new movie "Eat, Pray, Love" in India, a big screen adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's travel memoir, which sees Roberts travel to the country as part of a spiritual pilgrimage to learn about yoga, meditation and life in an ashram.

She recently told Elle magazine, "I'm definitely a practicing Hindu", adding that she regularly goes to temple to "chant, pr...

Emma Roberts Considers Doing A Full-On Sex Scene

8/11/2010 8:20am EDT
Emma Roberts
Julia Roberts' 19-year-old actress niece Emma Roberts contemplates baring all on the big screen.

She explained, "I don't know that I'd do a full-on nude scene, ever. I've never had a full-on sex scene...but we'll see."

Emma is glad she grew up in Hollywood because it fueled her urge to build a film career.

The 19 year old, who starred in "Valentine's Day" alongside her famous aunt earlier this year, spent her childhood visiting the "Pretty Woman" actress on film sets. And the experience gave the young star a taste for acting because she got to meet so many famous faces.

Click for mor...

Julia Roberts: 'I'm Definitely A Practicing Hindu'

8/7/2010 8:00pm EDT
Julia Roberts
Hollywood star Julia Roberts has converted to Hinduism after discovering all about the religion while filming new movie Eat Pray Love in India.

The Pretty Woman actress stars in the big screen adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's travel memoir, which sees her travel to India as part of a spiritual pilgrimage to learn about yoga, meditation and life in an ashram.

Roberts, whose parents are Baptist and Catholic, was so captivated by the ancient religion, she experienced her own spiritual awakening during the shoot and returned home as a Hindu. She tells Elle magazine, "I'm definitely a prac...

Julia Roberts - The 'Eat, Pray, Love' Star Opens Up In The New ELLE

8/5/2010 6:14pm EDT
Julia Roberts ELLE
Julia Roberts opens up about her personal life, her acting skills, plastic surgery and more in the September issue of ELLE magazine, on newsstands everywhere August 11.

On her family with husband Danny Moder: “The children became the shooting stars of him, of that thing we have. How lucky we are that we love each other so much that we burst into three pieces.”

On her acting skills: “I have no acting technique. And there’s nothing more boring than actors sitting around talking about acting.”

On working with directors: “I’m always asking those guys to tell me what they want. The same with...

Julia Roberts Gained Weight Filming 'Eat Pray Love'

7/15/2010 10:30am EDT
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts piled on the pounds while filming her new drama Eat Pray Love in Italy - because she refused to spit out bites of food when the director called cut.

The Pretty Woman star plays a woman who goes on a year-long cultural and spiritual trip to India, Italy and Bali in the film and admits she couldn't resist tucking in to hearty plates of pizza and pasta during scenes shot in Rome.

She says, "I've always been a friend of food. I probably put on about seven pounds in Rome when we were shooting. I ate a lot of pizzas in Naples. It was just great. But it was hard on take 10 on a g...

Emma Roberts Loved Growing Up In Hollywood

7/12/2010 2:00pm EDT
Emma Roberts
Julia Roberts' niece Emma Roberts is glad she grew up in Hollywood - because it fuelled her urge to build a film career.

The 19 year old, who starred in Valentine's Day alongside her famous aunt earlier this year, spent her childhood visiting the Pretty Woman actress on film sets. And the experience gave the young star a taste for acting because she got to meet so many famous faces.

She says, "It's kind of cool to have been around it for so long, to see if I wanted to get into it. I would visit my aunt and you'd have to drag me off set. My mom would be like, 'Emma, it's midnight. You ha...

Emma Roberts Refused To Change Last Name

6/2/2010 3:15pm EDT
Emma Roberts
Julia Roberts' actress niece Emma Roberts refused to change her last name in a bid to distance herself from her famous aunt, because she thought the idea was "ridiculous".

The 19 year old, who appeared alongside the Pretty Woman star in Valentine's Day earlier this year, is unhappy when critics compare her to Julia and assume she broke into movies because of her family links.

However, Emma was against altering her name at the beginning of her career, because she knew everyone would soon find out she is related to the famous actress.

She says, "I think that's a little ridiculous becaus...

Julia Roberts Named 'World's Most Beautiful Person'

4/28/2010 2:41pm EDT
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts has topped People magazine's World's Most Beautiful list, joined by fellow superstars Daniel Craig and teen singing sensation Justin Bieber.

The Pretty Woman star, who has claimed the title three times before, is still winning over fans and making men swoon at age 42. It is the twelfth time Roberts has made the top 100.

She joins 99 other celebrities on the list, including Diane Kruger, Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Scarlett Johansson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Katy Perry, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Szohr and Robert Pattinson.


'Glee' Bosses Hoping For Julia Roberts Cameo

3/16/2010 9:46am EDT
"Glee" producers are hoping to land another high profile guest star after Hollywood actress Julia Roberts revealed she's a huge fan of the musical comedy.

The show, set in a U.S. high school, has already attracted notable cameo appearances from Jennifer Lopez and Josh Groban, while Lady Gaga and Madonna have both given permission for their most famous tracks to be used in the routines.

And after working with "Pretty Woman" star Roberts on her new film, Glee creator Ryan Murphy is hoping she will join the cast of the hit TV program.

He says, ""I just finished a movie with Julia, Eat, P...

Julianna Margulies Confronted Julia Roberts About Her Restaurant Etiquette

3/10/2010 2:45pm EST
Julianna Margulies
Julianna Margulies waited almost two decades to confront Julia Roberts after waiting on her as a struggling actress - because she was so shocked by the Pretty Woman star's obnoxious restaurant behavior.

Margulies worked in a posh New York restaurant in her early 20s while she struggled to land acting roles - and she never forgot how rude Roberts behaved when she came in to eat.

Laughing off the incident she says, "I worked at one of these restaurants where it was only famous people who came in and years later I bumped into one of them - Julia Roberts. She is lovely - when you're not wai...

Julia Roberts' Valentine's Day Tips

2/9/2010 10:00am EST
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is back with a new romantic comedy from her Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride director Garry Marshall. Valentine's Day is the story of many couples romances on February 14. Come this Feb. 14, Roberts knows how she's going to spend the night with husband Danny Moder.

"My kids go to bed at 7:30," she said. "For Valentine's Day, we're just gonna be makin' out, the full 24 hours."

Joking around in the spirit of her new romantic comedy, Roberts also had advice for other ladies looking for love. "Make a nice dinner reservation and have a nice glass of wine and then go home and, y...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 28

10/28/2009 3:00am EDT
Julia Roberts
Happy Birthday to:

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts (1967)

Actor Joaquin Phoenix (1974)

Singer/songwriter Ben Harper (1968)

Software tycoon Bill Gates (1955)

Kim Kardashian's Olympic runner stepfather Bruce Jenner (1949)

NYPD Blue actor Dennis Franz (1944)

Southern rock fiddler, Charlie Daniels (1937)

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The Best & Worst Of Julia Roberts

3/27/2009 9:26am EDT
Mary Reilly
As one of the highest paid actresses in the world, it is no surprise that Julia Roberts has a long and varied career to admire. She started out as a romantic comedy charmer, and she has done several of them even after her vast popularity, but eventually Roberts moved into more dramatic filmmaking and huge box office hits.

She was the first actress to be on the cover of Vogue, and she is undoubtedly considered one of America's Sweethearts, so much so that she actually starred in a movie of the same name! Beautiful, intelligent, well spoken, and hard working, Roberts has been in a numbe...