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The Poseidon Adventure Cast and Crew

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Gene Hackman - Reverend Frank Scott
Ernest Borgnine - Mike Rogo
Red Buttons - James Martin
Carol Lynley - Nonnie Parry
Roddy McDowall - Acres
Stella Stevens - Linda Rogo
Shelley Winters - Belle Rosen
Jack Albertson - Manny Rosen
Pamela Sue Martin - Susan Shelby
Arthur O'Connell - Ship's Chaplain
Eric Shea - Robin Shelby
Fred Sadoff - Linarcos
Sheila Mathews - Ship's Nurse
Jan Arvan - Dr Caravello
Byron Webster - Purser
John Crawford - Chief Engineer
Bob Hastings - Master of Ceremonies
Leslie Nielsen - The Captain
Erik Nelson - Mr. Tinkham
Ronald Neame
Irwin Allen
Sidney Marshall
Stirling Silliphant
Wendell Mayes
Paul Gallico