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Miranda Kerr Confirms She's In Full Bloom

8/19/2010 11:10pm EDT
Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr has confirmed she's expecting a baby with new husband Orlando Bloom.

The "Kingdom of Heaven" star, 33, exchanged vows with Aussie stunner Kerr in a top secret ceremony last month, just weeks after announcing their engagement.

Rumors suggesting the pair had rushed down the aisle because the model was carrying the couple's first child swirled, but the stars refused to comment about their reasons for rushing the wedding.

Now Kerr has finally revealed she is in full bloom, telling Spanish Vogue magazine she is four months pregnant.

She says, "Yes, I am pregnant. Four months alo...

Best Family Movies

7/21/2010 10:07am EDT
It's the summertime, which means that the kiddies are out of school and need to be entertained nightly at home instead of doing homework. What other way to bond as a family then to make a batch of popcorn, snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie that the whole clan can enjoy. Here are Starpulse's picks for the best family movies to enjoy this summer.

Toy Story- The third installment of Pixar's brilliant story about Woody the cowboy and Buzz the space ranger is in theaters and has received great reviews this summer. If your family is still not caught up with the first two, then get start...

Orlando Bloom Lands Honorary Degree

7/13/2010 6:30pm EDT
Orlando Bloom
Actor Orlando Bloom went back to school on Monday to collect an honorary degree from a university in his native Canterbury, England.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 33, donned the traditional cap and gown and was presented with the accolade from officials at the University of Kent in recognition of his career achievements. Bloom was joined at the graduation ceremony by his fiancée, model Miranda Kerr, his parents and his sister, and he admits he is flattered by the honor.

Speaking before the ceremony, he said, "It's a really big deal. It's an exciting day for me. I'm really honored t...

Miranda Kerr: 'I've Always Thought Orlando Would Be A Great Dad'

7/12/2010 8:06am EDT
Miranda Kerr
Supermodel Miranda Kerr was shocked when Orlando Bloom proposed - even though the couple had always talked about marriage.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has been dating the beauty since 2007 but the Victoria's Secret model admits the proposal earlier this year caught her by surprise.

She tells Australia's Sunday Herald Sun, "We have been together for a while now and we had talked about it, but when it actually happened it was a total surprise."

Kerr also admits the couple is planning children in the future: "I have always been very open about wanting to be a mother one day and I'v...

Vanessa Paradis Too 'Scared' To Marry Johnny Depp

6/29/2010 8:15am EDT
Vanessa Paradis
French singer/actress Vanessa Paradis has no plans to marry long-term boyfriend Johnny Depp - because the prospect of becoming his wife frightens her.

The pair has been dating since 1998 and they share two children together - Lily-Rose, 11, and Jack, eight.

However, despite constant engagement rumors, Paradis isn't planning to wed the Pirates of the Caribbean star as she's happy with their current relationship status.

She explains, "There is something romantic about marriage and something scary about it. If you're happy without it, why bother?"

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Orlando Bloom Is Marrying This

6/21/2010 2:04pm EDT
Miranda Kerr
Orlando Bloom is engaged to marry his supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, 33, has been dating the Australian beauty since 2007, and they have repeatedly dismissed reports they're heading down the aisle.

Kerr, 27, was forced to deny the most recent engagement rumors in February when she was spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger.

She insisted the band was of no real significance, explaining, "We were in Cannes at the film festival and it was so hot that my fingers were swelling. I was wearing it on that finger because that's the only one it would...

Johnny Depp Is Launching A Record Label

6/20/2010 9:27am EDT
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp is preparing to launch his own record label and has dispatched staff to scour London for new talent, according to a U.K. report.

The Hollywood star initially embarked on a music career when he left school, playing with several rock groups before turning his attention to acting.

Depp remains a massive music fan and recently helped British band Babybird produce a new record by funding their studio time and even playing on several of their tracks.

And now the "Alice In Wonderland" star is said to be ready to launch his own label.

According to Britain's The Sun, Depp has founded...

Dyslexic Orlando Bloom Struggles To Learn Lines

6/4/2010 10:30am EDT
Orlando Bloom
British actor Orlando Bloom has fought hard to earn his place as an A-list star - because his ongoing battle with dyslexia means he struggles to read scripts and memorize his lines.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 33, opened up about his learning disability in a talk at Rockefeller University in New York on Wednesday. Bloom, who was supported at the event by his supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr, told the audience he has worked hard to overcome his difficulties - and credits his mother with pushing him to succeed, according to the New York Daily News.

He said, "It's still an ongoing...

Orlando Bloom To Testify Against Burglar Bunch

5/7/2010 3:30pm EDT
Orlando Bloom
Actor Orlando Bloom will appear in a Los Angeles court to testify against the teenage burglars who ransacked his house in the Hollywood Hills.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star's home was targeted by the so-called Hollywood Burglar Bunch last year, along with celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Bilson. Items stolen from the stars' properties included designer clothing, jewelry and cash amounting to more than $3 million.

Five people, three of whom are teenagers, were subsequently arrested by police and are preparing to stand trial on felony burglary charges. One susp...

Johnny Depp 'Scares Off Mugger'

5/3/2010 8:39am EDT
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp has been hailed a real-life hero after reportedly saving Babybird frontman Stephen Jones from a mugger.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star was leaving a Los Angeles recording studio with Jones when the British singer was allegedly accosted by a thug holding a broken glass bottle.

However, Depp came to Jones' rescue as he stepped in and ordered the man to go away, according to Britain's The Sun.

A source tells the publication, "It was an extremely scary moment. This guy looked off his head. Johnny looked him straight in the eyes and told him to back off. The guy was OK. He l...

Jennifer Lopez 'Desperate' To Work With Johnny Depp

4/30/2010 7:30pm EDT
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez has one career goal she has yet to achieve - to work with Johnny Depp.

The Maid in Manhattan star has acted opposite several Hollywood hunks in her movies, including Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney.

But, she'd love to land a role in a film with Depp - even if it means donning period costume to appear in his Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

She tells Britain's Daily Star, "I've been seriously lucky with my roles. I've worked with a lot of hot leading men, but I'm desperate to get Johnny. Working with him would be out of this world. I'd even be a pirate with no ...

Male Celebrities We'd Like To See Nude

4/20/2010 8:47am EDT
Stars We Would Like To See Nude
Is it hot in here? If not, it's going to be. Turn up the heat, and lose the layers. Here's our list of the male celebrities we want to see in the nude!

1) Brad Pitt

Angelina's baby daddy is just as hot today as he was 20 years ago. What's his secret? Baby-mix formula? We don't care what it is. We just want to see more of Brad. A lot more. Bonus if he wears a cowboy hat and speaks with a Southern accent!

2) Chace Crawford

We could "gossip" all day about those set of lovely eyes. But let's not dwell on just his face. His abs could make a focal point through a foggy lens any time, any d...

Johnny Depp Continues To Play Captain Jack Out Of Love, Not Money

4/12/2010 8:26am EDT
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp is adamant his decision to continue the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" franchise was not motivated by money - insisting he "loves" his swashbuckling character.

The Hollywood actor has played Captain Jack Sparrow in three of the movies, and is preparing to start filming a fourth installment, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, this summer.

Depp has brushed off accusations he has "sold out" by appearing in a series of blockbuster sequels, insisting he has a genuine affection for the adventure films.

He says, "I can't wait to get back in costume. Some people will say, 'Aha ...

Only Those With Real Breasts May Apply For 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 4'

3/23/2010 8:27am EDT
Pirates of the Caribbean
Extras casting is underway for the fourth "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie - but women with fake breasts needn't apply.

Real boobs is one of the stipulations for females who want to get close to Johnny Depp on the film set, as well as the fact women should be aged between 18 and 25 and no bigger than a size six or smaller than a size four, according to TV show "Access Hollywood."

Penelope Cruz will play Depp's love interest in the movie, according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

The Spanish actress has signed up to play the daughter of British actor Ian McShane's Blackbeard character i...

Penelope Cruz To Get Hot & Heavy With Johnny Depp

3/22/2010 11:42am EDT
Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz will play Johnny Depp's love interest in the fourth "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie, according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

The Spanish actress has signed up to play the daughter of British actor Ian McShane's Blackbeard character in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides."

The movie mogul says, "She's the daughter of the bad guy...very feisty. There's a little romance between Captain Jack and the character that Penelope plays."

Depp and Cruz last teamed up onscreen as man and wife in 2001's "Blow."

See more photos of Penelope here!

Jerry Bruckheimer Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

3/19/2010 9:51am EDT
Jerry Bruckheimer
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was handed the top award for his contribution to film at the annual ShoWest convention in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

The man behind the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, which has raked in more than $2.7 billion at the worldwide box office, landed the lifetime achievement honor at the glitzy Sin City ceremony.

Sam Worthington was named Male Star of the Year, while Katherine Heigl landed the female trophy. Vanessa Hudgens and her "Beastly" co-star Alex Pettyfer were named the Stars of Tomorrow - and the "High School Musical" actress is stunned she was nom...

Miranda Kerr Clears Up Engagement Rumors

2/24/2010 10:42am EST
Miranda Kerr
Orlando Bloom's girlfriend Miranda Kerr has slammed reports the pair is to marry, insisting she wears a special ring on her wedding finger because it doesn't fit elsewhere.

The Australian beauty, who has been dating Bloom since 2007, sparked rumors the actor had proposed after she began showing off a band on her left hand during the Cannes Film Festival in France last year.

The rumors then picked up pace after the Pirates of the Caribbean star whisked the Victoria's Secret beauty on a romantic holiday to Morocco in November, sparking further speculation they were planning to make their un...

Celebrity Matchmaker: 5 Valentines For Susan Boyle

2/13/2010 9:58am EST
Susan Boyle
Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. It's a day when lovers treat one another to flowers, chocolates, cute stuffed animals and other unmentionable goodies.

It’s such a lovely day for those who have that special someone in their lives, but what about those who have no one? For instance, 48 year-old Susan Boyle. When she appeared on "Britain’s Got Talent" she admitted that she had never been kissed!

Boyle is an amazing singer and has a quirky yet charming personality. She is truly one of a kind and really deserves the best. In light of it being Valentine weekend, we thought it fit to p...

Can Jerry Bruckheimer Pull Off 'Bad Boys III'?

1/11/2010 12:26pm EST
Bad Boys
Producer extraordinaire has mounted staggering productions, including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. His biggest task might be mounting a third Bad Boys film. Not only did the first film make movie stars out of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, but now even the director is a star.

Bad Boys was Michael Bay's first film. He came back for Bad Boys II but that was before another franchise got its hooks in him.

"It depends on his schedule," Bruckheimer said. "We love Michael. We'd like him to do it but he's kind of swallowed up with Transformers. Maybe the timing will work out right...

Ten Greatest Entertainers of the Decade

12/18/2009 9:39am EST
Greatest Entertainers of the Decade
This week, we've brought you the Ten Greatest TV Shows, Songs, Albums and Movies of the Decade. Now it's time to roll it all into one with the Ten Greatest Entertainers of the Decade.

This was a decade where entertainment became increasingly fractured. With 500 channels 500 bazillion websites and every medium on-demand, bringing together any significant chunk of people to one thing was a true sign of greatness. In an era when nobody had to agree - making them agree took something beyond the level of entertainer we saw in the past.

With that in mind, here are the Ten Greatest Entert...

Johnny Depp Named Sexiest Man Alive For The Second Time (Photos)

11/18/2009 9:01am EST
Johnny Depp
This year's "Sexiest Man Alive" is Johnny Depp, according to People magazine. It's the 46-year-old star's second time winning the coveted title. He also won in 2003.

Kate Coyne, senior editor at People, said on CBS' "Early Show" that Depp has achieved an almost "iconic status in terms of sexiness."

She explained, "Johnny Depp was someone who was sexy 10 years. He'll be sexy 10 years from now. He's someone who appeals to multiple generations of women."

Depp has reportedly signed a massive $33.6 million pay deal to star in the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean film ...

Ozzy Osbourne Still Has Sex

11/18/2009 8:41am EST
Ozzy Osbourne
"We have good sex. My kids think it's obscene that me and Sharon still have sex, but just because you get older, your d--k don't fall off." Rocker Ozzy Osbourne loves getting intimate with his wife Sharon.

Ozzy loves giving Sharon gruesome gifts - he once handed her flowers from a graveyard. He admits he once stole a bouquet from a tombstone when he was drunk. Rock matriarch Sharon quickly worked out his ruse - she spied a card of condolence still attached to the bunch of bloomers.

Ozzy would love Johnny Depp to play him in a film of his life. The singer just penned autobiography "I ...

Spotlight On Dramatic Actors Who Choose To Go Comedic

9/22/2009 9:19am EDT
The Informant
Matt Damon may have once started out as a serious thespian with small parts in films like Courage Under Fire and The Rainmaker, but he really didn't make a name for himself until 1997's Good Will Hunting, for which he also won an Oscar for screenwriting. There the blond-mopped young man played deep, pensive, and somewhat brooding characters, so it's a far cry to see him years later donning prosthetic noses and busy mustaches in order to get some added laughs for quirky, somewhat socially awkward characters. But Damon, in movies like the Ocean's Eleven series and now The Informant has proven...

Orlando Bloom's Home Burglarized

7/16/2009 8:38am EDT
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom has been left reeling after his Los Angeles mansion was broken into, according to reports.

Police were called to the Pirates of the Caribbean star's palatial home in L.A. after burglars targeted the property. The thieves are believed to have escaped with some of Bloom's personal possessions, according to

The actor was not in his home at the time of the raid. No more information was available as WENN went to press.

See more photos of Orlando Bloom here!

Image © Sylvain Gaboury / PR Photos

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Two Sci-Fi Shows We Can't Wait For This Fall: 'V' & 'FlashForward'

7/9/2009 10:08am EDT
Science fiction has taken somewhat of an upward turn in recent years, becoming attractive to more than the small cultish fan groups and growing to the universal mainstream.

With the success of shows like "Lost," "Fringe," "Heroes," "Battlestar Galactica" and "X-Files," sci-fi is steadily becoming worth investing in by the bigger networks.

Starting in the fall, ABC is releasing two new big sci-fi shows to the mainstream to see if we have a taste for it, and if you're any kind of sci-fi fan at all, these are the new shows you should be looking forward to.


Although an exact da...

Johnny Depp Thrills Sick Kids With Captain Jack Visit

7/3/2009 8:29am EDT
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp thrilled sick children at a London hospital on Wednesday by dropping in unannounced, dressed as a pirate.

The actor has been in the U.K. capital this week to promote new movie Public Enemies, and took time out from his busy schedule to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital to cheer up young patients.

Dressed as his Pirates Of The Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow, he visited several wards - including the one his daughter Lily-Rose stayed in when she was treated for kidney failure in 2007.

A source tells WENN, "Johnny was so friendly with all the children on the ward...

Johnny Depp's Best & Worst Films - Do You Agree?

6/30/2009 9:36am EDT
Pirates of the Caribbean
The problem with an actor like Johnny Depp is finding movies in his history that aren't fantastic. Then you have to consider the movies that aren't that good, but that he was great in anyway (which covers basically everything else).

The truth is, this Kentucky-born actor is one of the best in his or anyone's generation, and he also is an accomplished producer, director, screenwriter, and yes, even has quite a set of singing pipes. Good thing he's just so unattractive or he might just be the perfect Hollywood hunk ... oh wait. He's gorgeous. Damn you, Johnny Depp!

Here's a look at so...

'Celebrity Madness' - Vote For The Final Four!

3/30/2009 1:00am EDT
Three Number Ones Remain
It's the Elite Eight! After numerous upsets in the Sweet 16 round of voting we've cut the field down to just eight women and eight men; and you're sure to be surprised by who's still left in the tournament! Cast your votes in this round for your favorite celebs to determine the Final Four celebrities in Starpulse's first annual "Celebrity Madness" tournament! Here are the final eight matchups of the tournament - four womens' & four mens'!

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Can Jeffrey Dean Morgan Do It Again? Vote In The Sweet 16! (Pt. 2)

3/27/2009 2:00pm EDT
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
On we move to the Sweet 16! Cast your votes for your favorite celebs in this third round of action in Starpulse's first annual "Celebrity Madness" tournament! With rounds one & two over, you've narrowed the field of 64 down to 16 and we've got 16 more matchups for you to vote on in both our men's and women's brackets!

For this round there will be two parts with eight matchups in each, four women's matches and four men's.

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The Men & Women Merge In 'Celeb Madness' Sweet 16 - Vote In Part 1!

3/27/2009 12:26pm EDT
Kate Beckinsale
On we move to the Sweet 16! Cast your votes for your favorite celebs in this third round of action in Starpulse's first annual "Celebrity Madness" tournament! With rounds one & two over, you've narrowed the field of 64 down to 16 and we've got 16 more matchups for you to vote on in both our men's and women's brackets!

For this round there will be two parts with eight matchups in each, four women's matches and four men's.

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