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Phenomenon Cast and Crew

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John Travolta - George Malley
Kyra Sedgwick - Lace Pennemin
Forest Whitaker - Nate Pope
Robert Duvall - Doc
Rob Carliner - Doc
David Gallagher - Al
Ashley Buccille - Glory
Tony Genaro - Tito
Sean O'Bryan - Banes
Bruce A Young - Jack Hatch
Michael Milhoan - Jimmy
Vyto Ruginis - Ted Rhome
Elisabeth Nunziato - Ella
Jeffrey DeMunn - Professor Ringold
Richard Kiley - Dr Wellin
Mark Valim - Alberto
Troy Evans - Roger
Ellen Geer - Bonnie
James Keane - Pete
Susan Merson - Marge
James Cotton - Cal
Brent Spiner - Niedorf
Tony A Mattos - Ella's Father
Anni Long - Major Benz
Mark Soper - Reporter
Daniel Zacapa - Sick Boy's Father
Justin DiPego - Intense Man at Library Fair
Cab Covay - Taunting Man at Library Fair
Jewel Benedict - May
Carl Parker - Man in Orchard
Tom Fridley - Agent
Richard Gross - Customer at Malley's
Beth Kennedy - Celia
Mariann V Carothers - Furniture Store Owner
Isaac Reiswig - Man in Crowd
Claudia Crespin - Woman in Crowd
Michael Forner - Man at Bar No 1
Joseph A Nicosia - Man at Bar No 2
Dan Partain - Man at Bar No 3
Betsy Berryhill - Woman at Bar
Jack Chouchanian - Technician No 1
Sage Callaway - Female Officer
Eric Tignini - Agent No 2
Will Prater - Helicopter Pilot
Jon Turteltaub
Barbara Boyle
Michael Taylor
Jonathan D Krane
Charles J. Newirth
Gerald DiPego