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Pete's Dragon Cast and Crew

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Sean Marshall - Pete
Helen Reddy - Nora
Jim Dale - Dr Terminus
Mickey Rooney - Lampie
Red Buttons - Hoagy
Shelley Winters - Lena Gogan
Jane Kean - Miss Taylor
Jim Backus - Mayor
Charles Tyner - Merle
Jeff Conaway - Willie
Gary Morgan - Grover
Cal Bartlett - Paul
Walter Barnes - Captain
Al Checco - Fisherman
Henry Slate - Fisherman
Jack Collins - Fisherman
Robert Easton - Store Proprietor
Roger Price - Man With Visor
Robert Foulk - Old Sea Captain
Ben Wrigley - Egg Man
Joe E Ross - Cement Man
Arline Bletcher
Charlie Callas - of Elliott
Don Chaffey
Ron Miller
Jerome Courtland
Malcolm Marmorstein
Seton I Miller
S S Field