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Persepolis Cast and Crew

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Chiara Mastroianni - Voice of Marjane as a Teenager and Adult
Catherine Deneuve - Voice of Marjane's Mother Tadji
Danielle Darrieux - Voice of Marjane's Grandmother
Simon Abkarian - Voice of Marjane's Father Ebi
Francois Jerosme - Voice of Uncle Anouche
Gabrielle Lopes - Voice of Marjane as a child
Gena Rowlands - Voice of Marjane's Grandmother
Iggy Pop - Voice of Uncle Anouche
Sean Penn - Marjane's Father Ebi
Marjane Satrapi
Vincent Paronnaud
Marc-Antoine Robert
Xavier Rigault
Tara Grace
Kathleen Kennedy
Frank Ekinci
Louis Viau
Vincent Paronnaud
Marjane Satrapi