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Penelope Cast and Crew

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Christina Ricci - Penelope Wilhern
Catherine O'Hara - Jessica Wilhern
Richard E Grant - Franklin Wilhern
Lenny Henry - Krull
Paul Herbert - Leonard Wilhern
Simon Woods - Edward Vanderman
Ronnie Ancona - Wanda
Michael Feast - Jake/Witch
Nick Priderux - Ralph Wilhem
Simon Chandler - Doctor
Peter Dinklage - Lemon
Andi-Marie Townsend - Young Penelope
John Voce - Station Cop
Burn Gorman - Larry
Andrew Bailey - Floorman in Card Club
James McAvoy - Johnny/Max
Nick Frost - Max
Eve Pearce - Old Lady Card Player
Rob Rouse - Mr. Mosley (Suitor)
Will Willoughby - Handsome Suitor
Rubria Marcheens Negrao - Hotel Desk Clerk
Ross Boatman - Cheery Dealer
Nigel Havers - Mr. Vanderman
Richard James - New Card Dealer
Tallulah Evans - Little Girl in Photobooth
Pam Phillips - Old Lady in Photobooth
Richard Leaf - Jack the Bartender
Reese Witherspoon - Annie
Russell Brand - Sam the Jazz Club Owner
Martin McDougall - Dr. Stone
James Howard - Reporter Outside Hospital 1
Shaun Parkes - Reporter Outside Hospital 2
Paul Viragh - Reporter in Mr. Vanderman's Office
Christina Greatrex - Mrs. Vanderman
Cornelius Booth - Pub Patron 1
Colin Marsh - Pub Patron 2
Tom Barker - Boy Pupil on Hillside
Todd Boyce - Preacher
Amaka Oditah - Girl Pupil
Preston Nyman - Boy Pupil
Rosie Stewart - Girl Pupil
Katie Hughes - Girl Pupil
Francesca Edgerton - Girl Pupil
Abigail Chan - Girl Pupil
Pheobe Llewellyn - Girl Pupil
Mark Palansky
Jennifer Simpson
Reese Witherspoon
Scott Steindorff
Dylan Russell
Robin Greenspun
Danny Greenspun
Andrew Molasky
Chris Curling
Christian Arnold-Beutel
Michael Roban
Leslie Caveny
Philip Robertson
Leslie Caveny