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Passion of Mind Summary

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Few things in life equal the euphoric glow we feel upon first opening our eyes from a wonderful dream. But this exhilaration is ephemeral- we awaken and realize that the glorious reverie has passed forever. But what if you could place yourself in the fantasy world of your choosing each time you drifted into slumber? Would it be a dream come true- or a nightmare? Martha Marie Willis is a woman both blessed and cursed with such ability. Ultimately, she finds the nocturnal fantasy that she creates is so vivid and alluring that she slowly becomes unable to distinguish which of her lives is the dream and which is reality. The two diametrically-opposed lifestyles- real or not- add up to a very fufilling existence until they are thrown into conflict- and danger- when she finds herself falling passionately in love with a different man in each world. Are her dual personas a lovely illusion, or a psychotic delusion?