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Passengers Cast and Crew

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Anne Hathaway - Claire
Patrick Wilson - Eric
Chelah Horsdal - Janice
Ryan Robbins - Dean
Andrew Wheeler - Blonde Man
Robert Gauvin - Paul
David Morse - Arkin
Clea DuVall - Shannon
André Braugher - Perry
Dianne Wiest - Toni
William B Davis - Jack
Don Thompson - Norman
Karen Austin - Hospital Receptionist
Elzanne Fourie - Young Emma
Stacy Grant - Emma
Conner Dwelly - Young Claire
Sammy Fattedad - Building Manager
Balinder Johal - Screaming Woman
Amarjit Johal - Screaming Woman's Husband
Brad Turner - Shannon's Father
Claire Smithies - Shannon's Mother
Rodrigo Garcia
Matthew Rhodes
Judd Payne
Keri Selig
Julie Lynn
Joe Drake
Nathan Kahane
Aubrey Henderson
Kelli Konop
Mary Lee
Ronnie Christensen