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Oprah Winfrey Turned Down Masturbating Maid Role In 'The Paperboy'

10/9/2012 8:59am EDT
Filmmaker Lee Daniels originally wanted Oprah Winfrey to portray a masturbating maid in his upcoming film "The Paperboy," but he wound up casting Macy Gray instead.

The film centers on a man (John Cusack) convicted of killing a seedy sheriff who is given a new life when a pen pal (Nicole Kidman) enlists the aid of two journalists to try and get him off death row.

Daniels asked Oprah if she'd like to play the maid Anita in the film, but she declined. He explained, "Everybody has (their) own interpretation. She would have played it very stoic, you know, something very different. I think M...

Weekend Movie Preview: 'Taken 2,' 'Frankenweenie,' 'Pitch Perfect' & More

10/5/2012 11:00am EDT
Taken 2 Poster
This weekend at the movies Liam Neeson is back as tough ex-CIA agent Bryan Mills in “Taken 2,” Tim Burton delivers the feature-length version of his animated short “Frankenweenie,” Anna Kendrick sings her heart out in the comedy “Pitch Perfect,” Nicole Kidman gets scandalous in the thriller “The Paperboy,” a collaboration of directors subject you to nightmarish found footage in the horror anthology “V/H/S.”

I’ve seen “Taken 2,” “Frankenweenie,” and “V/H/S,” so I’ll share my thoughts on those.

MY PICKS: “Taken 2,” “The Paperboy,” and "V/H/S"


While vacationing with his f...

Review: 'The Paperboy' Delivers A Day Late And A Dollar Short

10/5/2012 10:00am EDT
When I first saw the acclaimed drama "Precious" I was stuck by how real some of the performances were and how bad the overall direction was. It seemed a tad off, like a lame movie of the week, but I chocked it up to perhaps a style choice by Director Lee Daniels to give authenticity to the material. Having watched his latest "The Paperboy" I realize it was no choice. Daniels shows without a doubt here exactly what I had suspected when I first saw Precious – there is an amateur loose in the world of professionals.

Set in deep Florida in the 1960’s, Miami Times reporter Ward Jensen return...

Zac Efron: 'It Is The Day I Think I Became A Man'

10/4/2012 8:47am EDT
Zac Efron
Zac Efron was left squirming in his underwear when Nicole Kidman caught him off guard by asking him to dance during their shoot for The Paperboy.

The actor was bracing himself to deliver an emotional scene in the erotic thriller, and was stunned when his co-star suggested they dance while he was wearing nothing but a pair of tight, white briefs.

However, Efron admits sharing a dance with the actress in the rain was a career highlight.

He tells Ellen DeGeneres, "Nicole is so amazing to work with but she's also very improvisational and once she finds the character she can sort of maneuv...

'Paperboy' Sex Scene Between Nicole Kidman & John Cusack 'Scared' Zac Efron

9/24/2012 10:38am EDT
Nicole Kidman
Zac Efron was a little freaked out by co-star Nicole Kidman's intensity on the set of his new movie "The Paperboy." He admits he was looking for a project with depth and risk, and he definitely got it in Lee Daniels' new film.

The movie centers on Hillary Van Wetter (John Cusack), who is convicted of killing a seedy sheriff. He is given a new life when pen pal Charlotte Bless (Kidman) enlists the aid of two journalists to try and get him off death row.

In one explicit scene, Van Wetter is so turned on by Bless he masturbates into his underwear as Efron's Jack Jansen watches.

Efron was ...

Nicole Kidman Sent Risqué Photos To Director To Land 'Paperboy' Role

5/25/2012 2:18pm EDT
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman sent provocative pictures of herself to film maker Lee Daniels to convince him she was the right person to play a sex-crazed woman in The Paperboy.

Kidman stars alongside Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey in the steamy thriller - Daniels' first film following his 2009 Oscar-winning drama Precious.

Daniels initially baulked at casting Kidman in the low budget movie, fearing she was too accustomed to luxury Hollywood movie sets, but the actress was so determined to land the role, she dressed up as the character and texted him some saucy snaps.

She tells Us Weekly, "Lee sai...

Director Lee Daniels Down Plays Cannes Criticism Of 'The Paperboy'

5/24/2012 5:26pm EDT
Lee Daniels
Film maker Lee Daniels has brushed off criticism of his new movie The Paperboy after causing controversy in Cannes by debuting a scene in which Nicole Kidman appears to urinate on Zac Efron to treat a jellyfish sting.

The big screen adaptation of author Pete Dexter's book of the same name was met with mixed reviews when the Precious filmmaker premiered the crime thriller at the film festival in France on Thursday, and many reporters admitted they were turned off by the sight of the Oscar winner relieving herself on Efron.

In a post on, Empire magazine writer Nick de Semlyen ...