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One Night At McCools Summary

A story told from three different points of view that ultimately become one... It all started one night at McCool's--three unsuspecting men and one woman with a dream are brought together... McCool's bar was hopping that night. Randy worked there, tending bar. Lawyer Carl was there until past closing. Detective Dehling got there once McCool's became a crime scene. Was it the dead body that tied these men together? Not as tightly as the live wire who was also there that night: the stunning woman aptly named Jewel. Before the night was over, she had become all the three men could think about: she moved in on/with one, made the other forget his (living) wife, and made the third forget his (dead) wife. As one of the men would point out in a rare moment of clarity, "The sex and the violence, all in one night--it's a little much." With a woman like Jewel, there was more to come. Jewel was more trouble than these three men were worth... and what she wanted was bigger than all of them put together.