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Once Upon a Time in the Midlands Cast and Crew

Robert Carlyle - Jimmy
Rhys Ifans - Dek
Kathy Burke - Carol
Ricky Tomlinson - Charlie
Shirley Henderson - Shirley
Finn Atkins - Marlene
Vanessa Feltz - Vanessa
Vicki Patterson - Audience Guest
Kelly Thresher - Donna
Andrew Shim - Donut
Ryan Bruce - Emerson
Anthony Strachan - Jumbo
David McKay - Dougy
James Cosmo - Billy
Vic Reeves - Plonko the Clown
Bob Mortimer - Kung Fu Clown
Richard Garfoot - Wrestling Clown
Justin Brady - Eugene
Tony Nyland - Big Al
Anthony Clarke - YTS Dave
Ladene Hall - Bingo Woman
Shane Meadows - Bingo Caller
Paul Fraser - Bingo Checker
Shane Meadows
Andrea Calderwood
Paul Webster
Paul Trijbits
Hanno Huth
Louise Knight
James Wilson
Shane Meadows
Paul Fraser