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Vaughn Says Guns Are OK In Schools

6/2/2015 12:02pm EDT
Vince Vaughn Argues For Guns In Our Schools In New British GQ In
Vince Vaughn isn't afraid to admit it: he wants guns in every school in the country. The star (who'll be playing a major part in "True Detective's" second season) opened up to British GQ about his stance on firearms.

"I support people having a gun in public full stop, not just in your home," proclaimed Vaughn. "We don't have the right to bear arms because of burglars; we have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government. It's not about duck hunting; it's about the ability of the individual."

Vaughn then argued against the idea of schools as gun-fr...

'Old School' Stars To Be Inducted Into Guy Movie Hall Of Fame

5/25/2012 8:07am EDT
Old School
The stars of comedy classic Old School are to be inducted into the Guy Movie Hall of Fame at next month's Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards.

Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson will reunite with director Todd Phillips at the prize giving, according to

Old School will join previous honorees Fast Times at Ridgemont High, GoodFellas, Fight Club and Swingers, which also featured Vaughn.

Will Ferrell Does Beer Commercials For Old Milwaukee - For Free

12/9/2011 2:00pm EST
Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee
Dos Equis may have the Most Interesting Man in the World, but Old Milwaukee has Frank the Tank. The commercials Will Ferrell did for the beer company have begun to make waves, and we have all three.

For whatever reason, Ferrell approached Pabst Brewing Co. to do the commercials for free and executed the shots by himself. "Will approached Old Milwaukee because he's a big fan of the beer and thought it would be fun to make the commercials, and we couldn't be more excited that he did," Pabst told the Quad-City Times.

The videos were posted in Mid-November, but are just now beginning to g...

Will Ferrell: 'I Am A Happy Drunk'

8/7/2011 10:30am EDT
Will Ferrell
Funnyman Will Ferrell once got drunk with a friend so he could find out what sort of a person he became when intoxicated.

The Old School star guzzled alcohol and asked his sober pal to monitor his transformation. He explains, "I had a friend of mine film me so I could see what I am like (when drunk). I am just a happy drunk."

Ferrell insists he has never had an alcohol problem, although he did party during his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

He reveals, "We probably went out quite a bit with the cast... It is easy when you are living in New York and you don't have to dri...

Will Ferrell: 'It's A Victory To Be The Most Overpaid Person'

8/5/2011 9:10am EDT
Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell is refusing to let his one-time tag as Hollywood's poorest value-for-money star define his career because no one makes perfect movies.

Forbes magazine listed the "Old School" star as the most overpaid actor in Hollywood after a string of flops he had appeared in, but he's convinced he would no longer be at the top of that list in 2011.

He tells website, "I think two years ago I was at the top of the list of the most valuable actors and then all of a sudden it switched. That having been said, I think we're all striving to be overpaid, right? Why not? So I think i...

The Office: Is Will Ferrell Replacing Steve Carell?

1/27/2011 8:54am EST
Will Ferrell  | Photo Credits: Steve Granitz/
Just as Steve Carell is on his way out of Dunder Mifflin, Will Ferrell is moving in.

The 43-year-old funny man has signed on for a multi-episode arc on The Office, NBC announced Wednesday.

Ferrell will play...

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'Due Date' Shows Director Todd Phillips' Growth

11/4/2010 9:32am EDT
Due Date doesn’t have to be deep. Just put Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis in a car and there’s your movie. It has a little more to say about grown men though. Downey plays a businessman trying to get home in time for the birth of his firstborn. Galifianakis plays a man-child carrying his father’s ashes across the country.

“While it is a road movie and it is a comedy at it's core it is a movie about Zach who's going through a drama, Zach's character Ethan Tremblay having just lost his father and Robert who's just about to become a father for the first time,” director Todd Phillips ...

Top Drunk Movie Scenes In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day

3/17/2010 9:04am EDT
Top Drunk Movie Scenes
Before you pick yer poison, we ask....what's worse? A cussing, drinking Santa that wets himself in front of anticipating kids, or a burping, scantily clad school girl that fishes her bubble gum from the puke-infused toilet bowl? In honor of St. Patty's day, we raise a glass (or two) to some of the most memorable lush silver screen moments. Cue the hangovers, here's the break-down of the top drunk movie scenes:

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Nicolas Cage takes us through the final crisis of his life, drinking himself to death in Las Vegas. Yes, it's depressive and emotional, and undoubtedly one ...

'Jay Leno Show' Debuts Tonight With Guest Kanye West (Watch Video Of New Set)

9/14/2009 8:52am EDT
Jay Leno
It has been months since Jay Leno said goodbye to his home at "The Tonight Show," but the time has come for the comedian to return to television, this time in a prime time slot.

His new venture, "The Jay Leno Show," premieres tonight on NBC with celebrity guest Jerry Seinfeld and musical acts Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye West. Kanye made headlines at last night's Video Music Awards for interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for "Best Female Video." See what he did here!

UPDATE 9/15: Watch video of Kanye West apologize on 'The Jay Leno Show' here!

"The Jay Leno Show" is a comple...

Has Will Ferrell's Comedy Gone The Way Of The Dinosaur?

6/12/2009 10:17am EDT
Will Ferrell
Once upon a time, I used to think Will Ferrell was the funniest man alive. I watched him religiously as Alex Trebek in the "Saturday Night Live" celebrity "Jeopardy" sketches, chuckling as he suffered through the shenanigans of Darrell Hammond's Sean Connery.

Ferrell's impressions on "SNL" and wacky roles in movies like "Old School" and "Anchorman" perpetually kept me laughing. His characters had this special zany quality to them that made them extremely quotable.

I personally idolized his ability to make people laugh, and I respected that a man who studied broadcast journalism...

'The Hangover' Review: Outlandish Humor That Will Make You Laugh

6/5/2009 3:55pm EDT
The Hangover
Sometimes in life what you see is what you get, but I've found that's not necessarily a bad thing. When it comes to "The Hangover" what you see is exactly what you get; and it's a great thing.

Brought to you by Todd Philips, the director of college themed movies like "Road Trip" and "Old School," "The Hangover" is an outrageous comedy loaded with gut busting laughs.

Set to get married in three days, Doug Billings sets out with his groomsmen for a wild night of debauchery, driving his future father-in-law's classic Mercedes. Along for the ride, are his kooky soon to be brother-i...

This Week's Movie Buzz: See It, Rent It, Or Skip It?

6/1/2009 4:54pm EDT
Land of the Lost
I'm ashamed to say I still haven't gotten a chance to see "Terminator Salvation," but it's my top priority to see it this week. I also need to get out and see "Drag Me to Hell," because I continue to hear nothing but good things about it.

This week is a big week for comedies, with four premiering. We have "Land of the Lost," "Away We Go," "The Hangover," and "My Life in Ruins." I'm very excited because I will be seeing an advanced screening of "The Hangover." I have high hopes that it will be very funny, but I'll let you know what I think after I see it.



Famous Celebrity Brothers

11/18/2008 12:07pm EST
Owen Wilson
Celebrity families are quickly making headlines throughout Hollywood. From the Kardashian's to the Lohan's, stargazers are reading up on celebrities, their families and their crazy antics. For decades, celebrity brothers in particular have caused a craze for fans across the world. To celebrate the familial wonders, here are three pairs of celebrity brothers that have had fans screaming for one reason or another at one point in time.

Ben and Casey Affleck: Three years Casey's senior, Ben is often known as the more famous of the two. However, both have played big parts on screen and in t...

10 Movie Schools You Wish You Could Attend

9/9/2008 10:00am EDT
Revenge of the Nerds
Everyone hates going back to school, but these 10 celluloid schools would make any student jump out of bed and get there early. Whether it’s a high school full of fast cars and faster women or an academy for students with “special” talents, this list will get you wishing you were enrolled in one of these fun and fabulous movie schools.

10 - Harrison University - "Old School"

Pros: You get to hang out with your best buds. Age, marriage, kids or reality need not stop you from attending. You never have to actually go to classes or graduate in order to feel like a part of the col...

Atom.Com Launches And Debuts Original Web Series 'Border Patrol'

6/30/2008 5:00pm EDT
Border Patrol is a digital comedy network for young men that distributes original content across the Internet, mobile phones and television. offers a wide range of professionally produced comedy content and provides indie and UGC creators with a clear path to "go pro" themselves. The new web site replaces both (a 2008 Webby Award finalist) and, bringing professionally produced titles and amateur comedy content together on one site. will also become Comedy Central's exclusive partner and anchor brand for original digital comedy, deve...

Funny Film Cameos

6/2/2008 10:13am EDT
Ben Stiller
A cameo used to refer to a famous person who made an appearance in a film as him or herself. Now actors play small parts as a character in a film for comic relief. Most cameos are non-credited due to the shortness of the screen time or because they are so famous they don't need a big credit. Some are publicity stunts. Others pay tribute to that actor's work in a similar role, but they are all for the most part hilarious. Following are 10 of film's funniest cameos in no particular order:

Will Ferrell as the pompous and entertaining Chazz Reinhold in Wedding Crashers

Once an accomp...

The 'That Guy' Encyclopedia, Letters A Through K

5/7/2008 8:30am EDT
Chris Cooper
Hey, isn’t that...? You know, that guy. The guy that always plays someone in the military. He was in, uh, Syriana, The Kingdom... Oh yeah! He was the father of the emo kid in American Beauty!

Throughout cinematic history, there has been a plethora of actors that, for some reason or another, never become a household name. So here is a cheat sheet of sorts, a brief encyclopedia on "That Guy."

After reading this you can impress your friends! Win the movie game (the one where you name an actor, someone names a film he or she was in, next player names another actor in that film, etc....

Movies With Heart: The 100 Best 'Romdramedies' Of The Past 20 Years

4/17/2008 8:00am EDT
There's the quintessential romantic comedy, and then there's the romdramedy. Similar to a dramedy (in which there is an equal balance of humor and serious content), a romdramedy combines comedy and drama with that mushy thing we call romance.

This is not a list of the best films over the past 20 years. Rather it is a list that gives preferences to those films that best combine all three elements - romance, comedy and drama.

Films like Magnolia and The Matrix were barred from competition, while films like Down with Love were considered (however, that one didn't make the cut)....

The Frat Pack: Pledging to Make Audiences Laugh

4/7/2008 2:00pm EDT
Will Ferrell
A majority of comedic films released over the past 10 years have fallen into either one of two categories: stupid with borderline inappropriate humor or stupid with completely inappropriate humor. Occasionally, a comedy comes along that doesn't quite fit either of these descriptions (i.e., Wedding Crashers, which is completely inappropriate but far from stupid). But these films are few and far between.

However, it is important to note that the word "stupid" is not meant to have a negative connotation here. True, it is sometimes more satisfying to watch a comedy based entirely on witty ...

Billy Bob Thornton And Jon Heder Go Head To Head In The Hilarious "School For Scoundrels," Now On DVD

2/16/2007 2:09pm EST
School For Scoundrels
From director Todd Phillips (Old School) comes the laugh-out-loud comedy about going from zero to hero, School For Scoundrels, arriving this week from Genius Products LLC. and Dimension Films.

Starring Billy Bob Thornton (Bad Santa) as Dr. P, a maniacal confidence-building instructor, and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) as Roger, a hapless meter clerk who enrolls in his class, School For Scoundrels is a prank-filled laugher pitting teacher against student for the ultimate prize - the girl!

Tired of being walked all over, Roger (Heder), a dejected traffic cop, enrolls in a "confiden...

Jeremy Piven Almost Brawls With Stephen Dorff

6/7/2006 9:37am EDT
Jeremy Piven
Blade star Stephen Dorff narrowly avoided a fight after cutting in line for the toilets at a New York club. The actor pushed in front of Entourage star Jeremy Piven who was waiting to get into the men's room at Bungalow 8 in the early hours of Tuesday.

According to an eye witness, when the Old School actor challenged Dorff, he said he could, "Do what he wants".

Piven then reportedly called the 32-year-old a "has-been" to which Dorff allegedly replied: "At least I am a movie star - you're only on TV! Cable TV!"

According to New York Post newspaper, security guards then moved i...

Weezer Track "Beverly Hills" Is Top 2005 Download

1/17/2006 12:14pm EST
#1, that's where they want to be! The year-end Nielsen SoundScan numbers are in and Weezer is king of the cyber-mountain. "Beverly Hills" logged a whopping 961,981 downloads in 2005 to earn the honor of being the biggest selling Digital Track of the year.

Overall, 2005 was a banner year for Weezer as the band's latest effort Make Believe (click for review) earned the band their highest U.S. chart debut -- #2 on the Billboard Top 200. Make Believe is now certified platinum with sales of over one million copies in the US. Not just a success at home, the Rick Rubin produced Make Believe h...

Patrick Cranshaw Passes Away at 86

12/31/2005 11:28pm EST
Old School
Patrick Cranshaw, who skyrocketed into cult fame after playing the old initiate Blue in "Old School" before dying (in the movie) and Will Ferrell singing "Dust in the Wind" at his funeral, died at the age of 86 in his home in Fort Worth, Texas.

His movie credits include: Herbie: Fully Loaded, Bubble Boy, Best in Show and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Survey Says: Fans Would Love To Attend a Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Wedding

12/1/2005 2:58pm EST
Angelina Jolie
According to a new poll from Bravo and Star magazine, Brad and Angelina's wedding would be the party most people would like to attend, and they would be thrilled to see Cameron Diaz jumping out of their birthday cake. The "Party/Party" Poll of 1,000 people had some other interesting results ...

No surprise: The "Brangelina" wedding is the hottest ticket in town, with nearly half of the respondents choosing their wedding as the one they would most like to be a guest at. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes came in with only 25%, just ahead of Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi (18%). Christina...