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Novocaine Cast and Crew

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Steve Martin - Doctor Frank Sangster
Helena Bonham Carter - Susan Ivey
Laura Dern - Jean Noble
Elias Koteas - Harlan Sangster
Scott Caan - Duane
Keith David - Detective Lunt
Chelcie Ross - Mike
Lynne Thigpen - Pat
Polly Noonan - Sally
JoBe Cerny - Pharmacist Wayne Ponze
Yasen Peyankov - 'Sunshine Lounge' Bartender
Teri Cotruzzola - Attractive Complaining Patient
Lucina Paquet - Mrs Langston
Preston Maybank - Gelding
Sally Kao - Chinese Wife
Quincy Wong - Chinese Husband
George Lugg - Liquor Store Owner
Tyler Rostenkowski - Billy
Tom Milanovich - 'Blue Sands' Bartender
Karol Kent - Detective Lily Pons
Mary Ann Childers - Anchorwoman
Eddie Bo Smith - Motel Security Guard
Rich Komenich - Detective
James Chisem - Harris
Joe Kasala - Officer Peter Reilly
Eric Lane - Officer Chuck Smith
Roy Hytower - Skinny Sheriff
Kwame Amoaku - Visiting Room Guard
Christian Stolte - Court Guard
Len Bajenski - Trooper Jarvis
Mindy Bell - Trooper Bunch
Roderick Peeples - Storch
David Atkins
Paul Mones
Daniel Rosenberg
Michele Weisler
David Atkins
Paul Felopulous
Paul Felopulos