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Exclusive Set Images Featuring Russell Crowe & Emma Watson For 'Noah's' Home Release

7/28/2014 7:18am EDT
Exclusive Set Images Featuring Russell Crowe & Emma Watson For '
"Noah," starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson arrives on DVD, Blu-ray and more on Tuesday, July 29.

We have some exclusive, on-set photos of the two stars:

Check Out 'Noah' On DVD, Blu-ray & More July 29

7/26/2014 5:22am EDT
In a world ravaged by human sin, Noah (Russell Crowe) is given a divine mission. After having two dreams in which he sees the coming of a terrible flood that would destroy all life on earth, he is guided to build an ark in order to save creation.

But his plan to take his family and two of each of God's creatures to safety is hindered by the sinister Tubal-cain and his debauched army who are determined to join them.

Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins also star.

During its theatrical opening in March, the film easily won the top slot at the box office, taking ...

'Noah' Tops Weekend Box Office

3/31/2014 8:21am EDT
'Noah' Tops Weekend Box Office
Despite the controversy surrounding the film, "Noah" easily topped the weekend box office with $44 million in ticket sales. Many have been skeptical of the Bible film, starring Russell Crowe as the titular character, due to director Darren Aronofsky's loose interpretation of the religious tale.

Religious conservatives have blasted the movie, while Crowe has stood by his work, calling them "absolutely stupid" for making judgments about a film they haven't seen.

Crowe said on "Good Morning America" last week, "We've had probably over a year now of very harsh criticism from a bunch of people...

Review 'Noah': Hollywood Takes A Crack At This Biblical Tale

3/28/2014 4:02pm EDT
Review 'Noah': Hollywood Takes A Crack At This Biblical Tale
'Noah' written and directed By Darren Aronosfsky ('Black Swan' and 'The Wrestler') is the story of a man named, Noah.

In case you don't know who he is...Here are the cliff notes:

God, aka the Creator, was extremely pissed off at mankind. So God chose Noah (Russell Crow) to build an Arc and rescue two of every species of animal, before he sent an apocalyptic flood to destroy the world.

Can you imagine what the Creator would do now, if he saw what us humans have done to his beautiful planet? But that's another discussion.

Noah, who appears only in a few pages in the Book of Genesis, belie...

Russell Crowe Says Premature Criticism Of 'Noah' Is 'Absolute Stupidity'

3/26/2014 2:03pm EDT
Russell Crowe is a staunch defender of his upcoming film Noah, and he had some pointed words for critics attacking the movie before even watching it.

While talking with Good Morning America this morning, Crowe said, "We've had probably over a year now of very harsh criticism from a bunch of people who have put their name and stamp on an opinion that's not even based on the movie or seeing the movie, just an assumption of what it could be or how bad it could be or how wrong it could be in their eyes, which I think quite frankly is bordering on absolute stupidity, because now, I think, peopl...

Indonesia Is Latest Nation To Ban Biblical Epic 'Noah'

3/25/2014 1:33pm EDT
Indonesia Is Latest Nation To Ban Biblical Epic 'Noah'
Indonesia is the latest country to ban Darren Aronofsky's Biblical epic "Noah," which stars Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly.

The nation is the latest in a growing list of Muslim countries refusing to show the film on the grounds that Noah was a prophet, and Islamic culture forbids the depiction of prophets in film and imagery.

Numerous Middle Eastern countries have already banned the film, including Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Indonesia's censorship board voted unanimously to ban the film, which tells the story of the Great Flood and hits theaters on Friday.

"We rej...

Russell Crowe and Darren Aronofsky Visit The Vatican

3/19/2014 7:03pm EDT
Russell Crowe and Darren Aronofsky, from the upcoming Noah, headed to The Vatican to meet with Pope Francis and receive his blessing for the Biblical epic.

Crowe took to Twitter to share photos from his visit to the holy site, writing, "What a privilege, attended the Udienza with the holy father @Pontifex."

What a privilege , attended the Udienza with the holy father @Pontifex . St.Joesephs day & Fathers Day.

— Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) March 19, 2014

It had been previously reported The Vatican cancelled the meeting between the filmmakers and the head ...

Arab Countries Ban Russell Crowe's 'Noah'

3/8/2014 9:54am EST
Arab Countries Ban Russell Crowe's 'Noah'
Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) confirmed this week that they won't allow their citizens to watch the upcoming film "Noah" due to religious reasons. A representative from Paramount Pictures told Reuters that it expects other Arab countries will also ban the film, including Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait.

A representative for the studio said: "The official statement they offered in confirming this news is because 'it contradicts the teachings of Islam.'"

In the film, Russell Crowe plays Noah, who is given a divine mission - to build an Ark to save creation from the coming flood...

Russell Crowe's Film 'Noah' To Include Disclaimer

3/1/2014 10:30am EST
Paramount Studios is clarifying how its upcoming film “Noah,” starring Russell Crowe, relates to the story told in the Bible.

The movie studio released a joint statement with the National Religious Broadcasters in response to concerns from the Faith Driven Consumer ( FDC) over a survey that revealed 98 percent of Christian consumers wouldn’t go see a film about Noah if it was not based on the Bible.

FDC didn’t specifically mention “Noah” in its survey, but it was clear which film they were referring to.

Paramount said in a disclaimer: "The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While art...

2014 Super Bowl Commercials & Movie Trailers: Watch Them All Here!

2/3/2014 12:28am EST
Like most of America, we thought that this year's Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos would have been a much closer game.

Seattle's dominance on both sides of the ball led to a very one-sided 43-8 victory, and unless you're a member of the Seahawks' "12th Man," the game itself was a bit boring at times.

Naturally, we expected some pick-me-ups during this year's commercials, but while Bruno Mars, whose halftime show with the Red Hot Chili Peppers was on par with the the dominance of Seattle (chalk it up as one of the best), the commercials were as lame as the Broncos...

The Most Anticipated Films Of 2014, Part One

1/1/2014 9:03am EST
Dumb and Dumber
No more new films will be released in 2013 - but there's no need to fret! Check out why we're hyped (and why we're worried) for these highly-anticipated 2014 films:

Dumb And Dumber To

Why We’re Hyped: The Farrelly Brothers, Jim Carey, and Jeff Daniels would only do the film if everyone was involved.

Why We’re Worried: When’s the last time the Farrelly Brothers made a good movie? Will Jim Carrey alienate half of his audience on Twitter – again?

The Expendables 3

Why We’re Hyped: Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and Kelsey Grammer join the ridiculous cast for another go at...

The First Trailer For Darren Aronofsky's Biblical Epic 'Noah' Has Arrived

11/14/2013 10:31pm EST
The first trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Biblical epic Noah has arrived.

The film, based on the story of the Great Flood from the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament, stars Russell Crowe in the lead role. Noah is told by God to build an Ark big enough to hold two of each animal in the world -- even snakes as co-star Jennifer Connelly points out in the trailer. But some locals aren't too happy with what Noah is doing, and a confrontation ensues.

Ironically, the Oyster Bay, Long Island, set, which includes a full size Ark measuring 450 feet long, 45 feet wide and 75 feet tall and took thre...

Russel Crowe Battled Biblical Weather While Filming 'Noah'

2/26/2013 6:30pm EST
Actor Russel Crowe admits he struggled with harsh weather conditions in Iceland while shooting the antedeluvian movie 'Noah' revealing that high winds swept his gym equipment away. The Gladiator star was floored by the country's beauty while filming Darren Aronofsky's upcoming biblical epic there last year, though he admits he found it difficult to live there.

He tells TV host Jay Leno,

"Iceland is a tough place. When they have a good summer, that means that there's been more than ten sunny days. And it can turn at the drop of a hat, the weather. It was pretty extreme. We were shootin...

Production On 'Noah' To Resume On Friday

11/1/2012 11:58pm EDT
Russell Crowe
Filming on Russell Crowe and Emma Watson's new movie Noah is set to resume in Long Island, New York on Friday, five days after production was shut down due to the threat of Hurricane Sandy.

Work on director Darren Aronofsky's Biblical blockbuster ground to a halt as residents on the East Coast braced for the superstorm, which made landfall on Monday, and has claimed the lives of more than 85 Americans, destroying thousands of homes and causing major flooding across states including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

But, as the clean-up work continues in the aftermath of the post-tropi...

Hurricane Sandy Delays The Production Of ‘Noah’

10/29/2012 9:53am EDT
Production on Biblical blockbuster Noah has been put on hold as the East Coast braces itself for Hurricane Sandy.

Russell Crowe and Emma Watson have been filming Darren Aronofsky's epic movie in Long Island, New York in recent months, but the project is now facing delays as officials warned residents on Sunday to take cover ahead of the storm, which is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rains to coastal regions.

In a post on her page, Watson writes, "I take it that the irony of a massive storm holding up the production of Noah is not lost (on) Darren Aronofsky (and) Russ...