No Blood No Tears

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Running Time: 116 mins.
Genre: Foreign

Lee Hye-yeong
Shin Gu
Jung Doo-hong
Baek Il-seob

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Gyeong-seon, a tough, tanktop-wearing dame is a cab driver who's quite capable of beating up troublesome passengers. Su-jin in permanent shades and trashy clothes is the girlfriend of a punk gangster, Bulldog. The two dames first meet when Su-jin accidentally crashes her car into Gyeong-seon's taxi after a row with Bulldog, who runs the betting on cage fights (generally between dogs) for his boss, Kim Geum-bok. The women hardly hit it off, and they each have their own personal problems: Gyeong-seon is being hassled by loan sharks for repayment of a debt incurred by her AWOL ex-husband; Su-jin, who dreams of being a pop singer in Japan, is routinely slapped around by the psychotic Bulldog. Af... Full Summary >>