Nina's Tragedies Summary

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Six intensely emotional months in the life of 14-year-old Nadav. He reminisces about this turbulent period in his family's history--from his high-strung Uncle Haimon's untimely death to the passing of his estranged, deeply religious father, Amnon. After Haimon is killed in a terrorist attack, Nadav is asked by his wild, recently divorced mother Alona, to move in with her sister, Nina, to provide comfort while Nina mourns the death of her new husband, Haimon. Nadav is only too happy to comply, as he's infatuated with his stunning aunt, with whom he shares a special friendship--not to mention a secret, adolescent crush. But as Nina gets over his loss and finds solace with a handsome but eccentric photographer named Avinoam, Nadav feels unexpectedly betrayed and must find a way to reconcile his hormonally charged emotions. At the same time, his best friend Menahem--a kind of grown-up version of Nadav--has found love with a sultry Russian immigrant named Galina, leaving Nadav alone to pursue the "peeping tom" exploits he once shared with the sex-obsessed Menahem. The sensitive Nadav eventually finds his way, forced to mature quickly and irrevocably, as the fallible, often disappointing adults around him go through their own "growing pains."