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A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Cast and Crew

Jackie Earle Haley - Freddie Krueger
Kyle Gallner - Quentin Smith
Rooney Mara - Nancy Holbrook
Katie Cassidy - Kris Fowles
Thomas Dekker - Jesse Braun
Kellan Lutz - Dean Russell
Clancy Brown - Alan Smith
Connie Britton - Dr. Gwen Holbrook
Lia D Mortensen - Nora Fowles
Julianna Damm - Little Kris
Christian Stolte - Jesse's Father
Katie Schooping Knight - Creepy Girl #1
Hailey Schooping Knight - Creepy Girl #2
Leah Uteg - Creepy Girl #3
Don Cass - History Teacher
Kurt Naebig - Dean's Father
Kyra Krumins - Little Nancy
Brayden Coyer - Little Jesse
Max Holt - Little Dean
Andrew Fiscella - Inmate
Bob Kizer - Swim Coach
Pete Kelly - Officer
Jason Brandstetter - County Jail Cop
Rob Riley - Minister
Scott Lindvall - Paramedic
Dominick Coviello - Pharmacist
Parker Bagley - Paxton - Friend in Diner
Jennifer Robers - Dean's Mom
Tania Randall - Nurse
Logan Stalzer - Little Logan
Christopher Woods - Little Christopher
Samuel Bayer
Michael Bay
Brad Fuller
Andrew Form
Robert Shaye
Michael Lynne
Mike Drake
Richard Brener
Walter Hamada
Dave Neustadter
John Rickard
Eric Heisserer
Wesley Strick
Wes Craven