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Wesley Snipes - Nino Brown
Ice-T - Scotty Appleton
Allen Payne - Gee Money
Chris Rock - Pookie
Mario Van Peebles - Detective Stone
Michael Michele - Selina
Bill Nunn - Duh Duh Duh Man
Russell Wong - Kim Park
Bill Cobbs - Old Man
Christopher Williams - Kareem Akbar
Judd Nelson - Officer Nick Peretti
Vanessa Williams - Keisha
Tracy Camilla Johns - Uniqua
Anthony De Sando - Frankie Needles
Nickolas Ashford - Reverend Oates
Phyllis Yvonne Stickney - Prosecuting Attorney Hawkins
Thalmus Rasulala - Police Commissioner
John Aprea - Don Armeto
Flavor Flav - D J
Clebert Ford - Frazier
Laverne Hart - Prom Queen
Gregg Smrz - Biff
Erica McFarquhar - Teacher
Keith Sweat - Singer at Wedding
Max Rabinowitz - Gigantor
Marcella Lowery - Woman in Hallway
Manuel Santiago - Judge
Ben Gotleib - Prosecuting Attorney
Thelma Louise Carter - Reporter
Linda Froehlich - Reporter
Christopher Michael - Bailiff
Tiger Frederick - Basketball Player
Rynel Johnson - Basketball Player
Kelly Jo Minter - Recovering Addict
Tina Lifford - Recovering Addict
Paul Raczkowski - Recovering Addict
Erik Kilpatrick - Recovering Addict
Harold Baines - Kid on Stoop
Sekou Campbell - Kid on Stoop
David Michael Golson - Kid on Stoop
Garvin Holder - Kid on Stoop
Leo O'Brien - Kid on Stoop
Bobby Stancil - Kid on Stoop
Teddy Riley - New Year's Eve Band (Guy) Member
Aaron Hall - New Year's Eve Band (Guy) Member
Damien Hall - New Year's Eve Band (Guy) Member
Rodney Benford - Singer-Spring
John Harreld - Singer-Spring
Allen McNeil - Singer-Spring
Steve Russell - Singer-Spring
Reggie Warren - Singer-Spring
Gerald Levert - Singer-Winter
Sean Levert - Singer-Winter
Mark Gordon - Singer-Winter
Mario Van Peebles
Jeff Lengyel
Doug McHenry
George Jackson
Preston L. Holmes
Suzanne Broderick
James Bigwood
Dwight Williams
Barry Michael Cooper
Thomas Lee Wright

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