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Never Let Me Go Cast and Crew

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Keira Knightley - Ruth
Andrew Garfield - Tommy
Carey Mulligan - Kathy
Charlotte Rampling - Miss Emily
Sally Hawkins - Miss Lucy
Nathalie Richard - Madame
Izzy Meikle-Small - Young Kathy
Ella Purnell - Young Ruth
Charlie Rowe - Young Tommy
Andrea Riseborough - Chrissie
Domhnall Gleeson - Rodney
Kate Bowes Renna - Miss Geraldine
Hannah Sharp - Amanda
Christina Carrafiell - Laura
Oliver Parsons - Arthur
Luke Bryant - David
Fidelis Morgan - Matron
Damien Thomas - Doctor
Huggy Leaver - Delivery Man 1
Charles Cork - Delivery Man 2
Sylvie MacDonald - Bumper Crop Girl
David Sterne - Keffers
Kate Sissons - Sitcom Girl
Amy Lennox - Sitcom Girl
Anna Maria Everett - Waitress
John Gillespie - Male Office Worker
Rachel Boss - Female Office Worker
Lydia Wilson - Hannah
Monica Dolan - Nurse
Chidi Chickwe - George
Mark Romanek
Andrew Macdonald
Allon Reich
Alex Garland
Kazuo Ishiguro
Tessa Ross
Richard Hewitt
Joanne Smith
Alex Garland
Kazuo Ishiguro