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Norah Jones Says Jude Law 'Licking Her Face' Was 'Surreal'

November 16th, 2009 11:59am EST
Norah Jones
"Having Jude Law licking my face for three days solid was a surreal experience. He kissed me about 90 times. There are worse ways to spend your day." Norah Jones on filming a smooch scene with her My Blueberry Nights co-star Jude Law.

Norah's fourth studio album will be released by EMI's Blue Note Records on November 17. She has taken a new direction on the "The Fall", experimenting with different sounds and a new set of collaborators, including Jacquire King, a noted producer and engineer. Since coming on the scene in 2002, Jones' has sold a collective 36 million albums worldwide.


New Movies On DVD, July 1

July 1st, 2008 8:00am EDT
Vantage Point
In "Vantage Point," an assassination attempt on the president of the United States is detailed from five unique perspectives. As the president arrives in Salamanca, gunshots ring out. An American tourist has captured footage of the would-be assassin on videotape, and now, as the stories of the other four witnesses unfold, each essential piece of the puzzle quickly falls into place. Also on DVD: Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns, Drillbit Taylor, My Blueberry Nights and City Of Men.

Blueberries Meet Luscious Taste Buds in 'My Blueberry Nights' With Jude Law, Rachel Weisz

April 18th, 2008 11:59am EDT
My Blueberry Nights
( – We see sensual close-up shots of blueberry pie overflow with aqueducts of vanilla ice cream in Wong Kar-Wai's opening sequence of "My Blueberry Nights". This dreamy scene sets the tone of the latest film from the famous Chinese director as he confronts the West with his unique cinematic style.

Split into three separate stories, the film begins in a bohemian New York café owned by Jeremy (Jude Law) where Elizabeth (Norah Jones) discovers that her boyfriend has left her for another woman.

Distraught, she leaves her keys with sympathetic Jeremy and hopes her ...

Norah Jones: 'Kissing Jude Law Was Weird'

April 14th, 2008 11:58am EDT
Norah Jones
Singer-turned-actress Norah Jones was overwhelmed after sharing love scenes with Jude Law in her movie debut My Blueberry Nights - because the on screen couple had to kiss over 90 times. Jones, 29, and the Alfie star lock lips twice in the film - and the first of their embraces took three days to film.

She says, "It was an interesting situation and it was just plain weird. I had to kiss Jude about 90 times and I didn't want to laugh, but it seemed so ridiculous. What in the world am I doing kissing Jude Law? He's Jude... and I'm... me."

"We laughed a lot between takes. It was ac...

Harvey Weinstein Searches For Musical For Norah Jones

April 4th, 2008 3:06pm EDT
Norah Jones
Movie boss Harvey Weinstein wants to turn jazz singer Norah Jones into a movie star, and is desperately searching for a musical project they can create together. Weinstein was impressed with Jones' acting debut in new movie My Blueberry Nights, and is convinced she has a big screen future.

He says, "Norah's a natural. She has a great career ahead of her, if she wants it. I want to find a musical project to put her in. I don't have anything specific, but I'll find something."

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Norah Jones: 'It Would Be Fun To Do A Zombie Movie'

March 31st, 2008 1:04pm EDT
Norah Jones
Norah Jones has been bitten by the acting bug after making her movie debut in My Blueberry Nights - she now wants to star in a zombie film. Jones insists she won't be quitting her jazz career and moving to Tinseltown just yet, but she'd love to slap on some fake blood for a horror film - and she'd even sing on the soundtrack.

The 29-year-old says, "I'm not out to conquer Hollywood. I would act again if it was something appropriate or something that sounded like fun.

"It would be fun to do a zombie movie. I would probably not want to do a song for the zombie soundtrack - but mayb...

Norah Jones To Take 2008 Off

January 29th, 2008 1:17pm EST
Norah Jones
Norah Jones is planning to take 2008 off - after working herself to the point of exhaustion last year. The singer released a new album, Not Too Late, in January and spent much of the year touring to promote the disc.

But she also found the time to squeeze in her acting debut in director Wong Kar Wai's movie My Blueberry Nights - and she admits her heavy work schedule has left her in need of a break.

Jones says, "I'm taking some time off. I worked a lot last year, just between the movie and my new record and the tour."

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Norah Jones & Jude Law Spent A Day In Kissing Camp For Big Scene

May 21st, 2007 3:46pm EDT
Norah Jones
Norah Jones and Jude Law spent almost a day preparing for a kissing scene in new movie My Blueberry Nights - because director Wong Kar Wai insisted the clinch was perfect.The China-born filmmaker wanted the stolen kiss to become a classic romantic movie moment and so he encouraged his stars to take time to rehearse and dazzle film fans.

He explains, "Everybody looked forward to this moment because it's supposed to be a big kiss but it has to be handled delicately. It's a stolen kiss and I wanted to make sure it's right, and sometimes when two people are involved in kissing scenes they ...

Norah Jones Feared 'My Blueberry Nights' Kiss With Jude Law

May 17th, 2007 11:55am EDT
Norah Jones
Norah Jones was "terrified" of filming a kissing scene with co-star Jude Law in new movie My Blueberry Nights. The singer-turned-actress says she was nervous about the on-screen kiss in her movie debut - but Law was on hand to put her at ease. She says, "I was very nervous and excited at the same time. I went into it totally blind.

"As soon as I saw the cast list I thought 'What am I doing?' It was very real.

"But on the second day Jude came in and he was really encouraging. On my first take with him my voice was really high. We had to do the kissing scene and from that moment the...

Making 'My Blueberry Nights' Was Challenging For Jude Law

May 17th, 2007 9:31am EDT
Jude Law
Jude Law was forced to forget everything he knew about acting to shoot new movie My Blueberry Nights because director Wong Kar Wai insisted all the cast improvised. Law's co-star in the film, singer and first-time actress Norah Jones claims she loved the experience because she had never been taught to act - but the British star admits it was tough adjusting to the Hong Kong director's style.

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, which "My Blueberry Nights" opened yesterday, Law said, "A lot of rules are thrown out of the window, and you feel free not knowing what is going to happen ea...

Quentin Tarantino Is In Running For Palme d'Or

April 19th, 2007 12:42pm EDT
Quentin Tarantino
Moviemaker Quentin Tarantino has been nominated for the top prize at next month's Cannes Film Festival in France. Tarantino's Death Proof - half of the horror doublebill Grindhouse - will compete against his peers Gus Van Sant (Paranoid Park), Wong Kar Wai (My Blueberry Nights), and The Coen brothers (No Country For Old Men), among others, for the prestigious Palme d'Or.

He previously won the award in 1994 for action thriller Pulp Fiction. The film directors will learn their fate when the festival opens on May 16.

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Lindsay Lohan & Jude Law Get Friendly

March 15th, 2007 8:48am EDT
Jude Law
Lindsay Lohan is so smitten with British movie hunk Jude Law she flew from Los Angeles to New York just to spend time in the same hotel as the star. The actress boarded a late night flight from Los Angeles on March 8 and checked into a suite at the swanky 60 Thompson hotel, where Law has been staying while shooting his new movie My Blueberry Nights.

Life & Style reports the couple didn't let the 14-year age difference between them get in the way of friendship, reportedly meeting up for a late-night rendezvous on two successive nights - after partying at hip New York club The Box. It i...

Norah Jones Was Asked To Lose Weight For 'My Blueberry Nights' Role

February 7th, 2007 12:15pm EST
Norah Jones
Singer Norah Jones feared she had made a big mistake when she agreed to make her film debut in My Blueberry Nights - she was told to lose weight for the role.

The svelte beauty was stunned when she received the request, and now sympathizes with other slim actresses who have to put up with body pressures on a daily basis.

She says, "I probably shouldn't say this but I was asked to lose a few pounds.

"First I got really mad, then I got nervous thinking: 'Oh no! I'm fat.' It was a horrible thing to hear but I understand the game.

"I was just amazed that it really was an iss...

Norah Jones Feared Her Movie Career Was Over

January 30th, 2007 1:45pm EST
Norah Jones
Singer/songwriter Norah Jones feared she had blown her chance at a career in Hollywood after the director of her movie debut immediately questioned her acting ability.

My Blueberry Nights film-maker Kar Wai Wong put Jones on the spot when he suggested she needed acting lessons when she arrived on set - and she was frozen with fear until she realized he was joking.

She recalls, "I was completely frozen with fear that first morning. When the director made his comment, I thought, 'Oh no, I've blown it' - but he was only kidding me. After that, I relaxed into it."

Visit Norah Jo...

Norah Jones Was Intimidated by 'Blueberry Nights' Co-Stars

January 15th, 2007 1:47pm EST
Norah Jones
Singer/songwriter Norah Jones was so terrified at the prospect of working alongside actor Jude Law in her movie debut My Blueberry Nights she lost control of her voice. The star admits she was also extremely nervous about sharing screen time with Hollywood stars Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz and David Strathairn in the new film.

She says, "Hearing that list of names for the first time I was more terrified than ever, like, 'What on earth have I got myself into?' My first scene was with Jude and listening to the playback my voice was like helium and you could all but hear my knees knock...

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