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Running Time: 84 mins.
Genre: Romance

Karoline Teska
Jakob Matschenz
Sabine Timoteo
Peter Lohmeyer

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There's no such thing as an average everyday existence for 13-year-old Paula, who lives with her mother in a small town. Paula's view of things has been sharpened by an extensive and consistent diet of horror films. According to her, extra-terrestrials are busy infiltrating humankind and transforming earthlings into friendly, one-dimensional, emotionless beings. Even her nearest and dearest have been affected by the invasion. Yet there is one person who does not appear to have fallen victim to the aliens- Jens. The first time she notices him is while he is busy stealing something at the supermarket. Jens is introverted and full of pent-up anger, which fascinates Paula. She discovers that Jen... Full Summary >>