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Now Playing: Lindsay Lohan Wants In The Next Muppets Movie! Kermit has reservations when it comes to love
2014-03-25 Muppets Most Wanted - Clip 1
2014-03-24 'Divergent' trumps 'Muppets' at box office
2014-03-23 The Muppets roll down the red carpet
2014-03-12 Muppets Most Wanted Can't Hold In Its Outrage
2014-01-29 'The Muppets' Movie Clip
2012-10-15 Kermit the Frog on the Muppets Movie
2012-10-15 Jason Segel Discusses "The Muppets"
2012-07-18 Kermit Reveals Attractions Other Than Miss Piggy
2012-03-19 Lindsay Lohan Wants In The Next Muppets Movie!
2012-03-09 Miss Piggy on Jason Segel
2012-02-06 James Bobin on Directing The Muppets
2012-02-06 James Bobin on Working with The Muppets
2012-02-06 James Bobin on the Foreign Muppets
2012-02-06 James Bobin on a Muppets Sequel
2012-02-06 Kermit the Frog on His Comeback
2012-02-05 Kermit the Frog on Jason Segel
2012-02-05 Is Miss Piggy a Pinko? The Muppet Defends Herself from Fox News Slurs
2012-01-31 Step aside Naomi,'s Piggy
2012-01-27 Kermit: Some fear stalkers, I fear chefs
2012-01-19 "Twilight"still shines at box office.
2011-11-27 The Muppets Movie Review
2011-11-23 Kermit and Miss Piggy steal the show
2011-11-17 The Muppets Teaser Trailer
2011-08-26 EXCLUSIVE: Amy Adams Spotted on Muppets Film Set
2011-01-18 Despicable Me - Jason Segel

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