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Mr. Nobody Cast and Crew

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Jared Leto - Adult Nemo/ Old Nemo
Sarah Polley - Adult Elise
Diane Kruger - Adult Anna
Linh Dan Pham - Adult Jeanne
Rhys Ifans - Nemo's Father
Natasha Little - Nemo's Mother
Toby Regbo - 15-year-old Nemo
Juno Temple - 15 year-old Anna
Laurent Capelluto - Man In Black
Jaco Van Dormael
Philippe Godeau
Alexandre Lippens
Genevieve Lemal
Bert Hamelinck
Nathalie Gastaldo
Mark Gill
Daniel Marquet
Jean-Yves Asselin
Alfred Hurmer
Marco Mehlitz
Jaco Van Dormael
Christian Larouche
Jaco Van Dormael