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Mouth to Mouth Cast and Crew

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Ellen Page - Sherry
Eric Thal - Harry
Natasha Wightman - Sherry's Mother Rose
August Diehl - Tiger
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos - Mad Ax
Beatrice Brown - Nancy
Diana Greenwood - Dog
Jefferson Guzman - Blade
Elliot McCabe - Manson
Jim Sturgess - Red
Willy Rachow - Scrawny Boy
Christian Nathe - Heckler
Patricia Guerreiro - Squeegee Girl
Joaquim Horta - Cute Guy
Rui Silva - Spark Member
Andre Teodosio - Spark Member
Alberto Magassela - Spark Member
Marcia Cordoso - Spark Member
Ilidio Frances - Spark Member
Andresa Soares - Spark Member
Teresa Madruga - Spark Member
Antonio Pedro Faria - Spark Member
Cristina Do Aido - Spark Member
Teresa Mónica - Spark Member
Paula Garcia - Spark Member
Alison Murray
Anne Beresford
Judith Tossell
Atom Egoyan
Simone Urdl
Alison Murray